Acai Pure

Acai Pure is a dietary supplement that claims to increase energy, provide digestive tract purification, improve mental capacity, and provide gas relief. In other words, it detoxifies and purifies the body. Manufacturers promise that it will flush out pounds of waste build up from the digestive tract. Some believe that it may also cure bad breath, bloating, and constipation. Sounds like a miracle drug, right?

Acai Pure can be purchased in either a juice or a pill form, although, it is said that the juice is much more effective. If not taken according to the instructions, dehydration and diarrhea can occur.

This product is advertised as containing all natural ingredients such as buckthorn, ginger, licorice, rhubarb, and of course, the acai berry. While acai berries have been proven to be powerful anti-oxidents and are considered to be safe, there is absolutely no scientific evidence or published clinical research linking them to weight loss.

In addition, the label on this product does not specify the origin of the acai berries it contains. It lists ingredients as a proprietary blend and doesn’t disclose the concentration levels of anything specific. Some experts say that not knowing the exact concentration levels may indicate that this product is more of a multi-vitamin rather than a dietary supplement.

This dietary supplement is quite expensive for a product that hasn’t had any published proven effectiveness. A word of caution on the “free trial” offered. If the product is not returned within the two week period, the consumer is charged more and entered into an auto-ship program. Many customers have claimed being scammed with this purchase.

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