Additional Tips for Users of Phentermine and its Substitutes

At times, obesity can’t be solved by diet and exercise alone. In such case, a doctor may prescribe you Phentermine or other weight loss medication for faster weight reduction. Phentermine is a controlled substance and a prescription medication designed to control hunger. Just like its non-prescription alternative, it stimulates the brain causing you to lose the desire for food. But when not taken properly, Phentermine and any other weight loss or hunger suppressant drugs, doesn’t provide expected results and may even cause life-threatening side effects.

It’s imperative for users of Phentermine and similar drugs including Phentramin-D to follow dosage instructions. Since these drugs are appetite suppressants, maintaining a well-balanced diet can be a real challenge. At the onset of use, you should notice a sudden distaste for food. This is normal, but despite the feeling of fullness, you still need to eat properly to stay healthy. The goal here is not to skip meals entirely, but reduce food intake and be selective of foods.

Choosing meals and foods is the very essence of taking diet pills like Phentermine and Phentramin-D. Having regular meals every day is a must to promote proper weight loss. Foods rich in fat, cholesterol and calories must be replaced with healthier choices such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt and lean meat. Taking snacks is also recommended, but only if the food choices are within the healthy range, which include dried fruits and cereals.

With your hunger suppressed, you can now start curbing your caloric intake. While before you are usually taking double or triple your recommended daily caloric intake just to satisfy your unwarranted food cravings, now with the aid of hunger controlling drugs Phentermine or Phentramin-D, you can endure smaller food portions and still feel satisfied. This enables you to gradually form a healthier habit of eating right.

Also, intake of liquids such as water and fruit juices should not be cut back while using appetite control pills. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you keep yourself hydrated while on Phentermine. Green tea is safe to drink while taking Phentermine; plus, it can satiate your craving for caffeine and even help boost energy and metabolism.

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