Adipex and Insomnia

Adipex and Insomnia

adipexAs you probably know already, Adipex is a weight loss medication which has been used by a countless amount of individuals who later become successful in their journey towards weight loss success.

However, the FDA pulled Adipex off of the market due to a number of side effects and the high levels of abuse that it stirred up when it was available for purchase online without having to go to the doc for a script.

One of those Adipex side effects is Insomnia…

Many Adipex users complained of being able to have a good night of sleep after taking Adipex during the daytime/evening. First, let’s take a look at what cause Adipex to pose a problem with Insomnia.

Adipex is an amphetamine, similar to methamphetamine. This is a highly addictive group of drugs that the government simply doesn’t want to make readily available over the counter.

Amphetamines are known for the stimulation that it creates within the central nervous system, increase the heart rate and blood flow within one’s body.

What this does, is make it very difficult to fall asleep until the weight loss medication passes through your body. Now, there is another weight loss drug that is much safer and easier to get than Adipex.

In fact, many doctors around the world recommend this Adipex alternative!

Phentramin-D is your ultimate Adipex alternative recommended by many!

When it comes to the popularity of Phentramin-D, it couldn’t get any better since Adipex is now looked down upon by many medical professionals and government officials.

In fact, this is one of your best weight loss medications in the world. It contains less side effects than Adipex and it can be in your hand tomorrow, without the need for a prescription!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! On the right, we have included a testimonial from a Phentramin-D user who was able to reach the finish line to weight loss success.

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