Adipex vs Phentermine

Adipex VS Phentermine

Adipex and Phentermine are basically the same weight loss medications, just difference strengths. We’ll get more into this during our Adipex and Phentermine showdown.

Now, let’s get onto seeing which one of these Phentermine versions proves to be the best and whether they are actually worth taking a chance on in the hopes of shedding off a few excess pounds.


Adipex works like most weight loss medications provided an energy boost and suppressed appetite. You can only get Adipex by paying your doctor a visit and obtaining a weight loss prescription from them.

Adipex is actually the strongest version of Phentermine (37.5mg to be exact), so it’s a lot more potent than other versions of this weight loss medication.

As for success, we have yet to see a fair number of Adipex success stories during our research period for this mini-review. That may end up being the life or death of this particular diet pill review.


Phentermine provides the same weight loss benefits of Adipex, except this is actually the trade name for this particular diet pill. While Adipex may seem to be stronger, Phentermine still produces powerful benefits.

However, as with most prescription weight loss medications, Phentermine does come with a long list of side effect that could just annoy the heck out of anyone trying to lose weight.


Now is when we actually take these two diet pills and see which one is going to take home the recognition of winning this review. We would have to say Adipex seems to be the wisest choice between these two diet pills.

However, neither one of these weight loss medication comes with the convenience, safety, or tons of success stories that Phentramin-D has come with. You can actually get Phentramin-D online without a prescription.

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