Bubba Smith Death Caused by Phentermine Overdose

Bubba Smith the star of the Police Academy movies and the first overall pick in the 1967 draft and NFL legend died from acute Phentermine intoxication according to the L.A. County Coroner. Bubba Smith was 66 years old when he passed away on August 3rd 2011 also suffered from heart disease and hypertension.
Experts agree that Mr. Smith likely digested a number of pills quickly as opposed to the usual abuse of Phentermine that is drawn out over weeks or months. This is another example of the potential dangers that are involved when the diet pill Phentermine is abused, not taken properly, and not under strict doctor supervision.
Phentermine can only be used for a short period of time, this is for a couple of reasons; first Phentermine is considered a controlled substance much like an amphetamine because of this it can become addicting. Another reason for the short term use is that your body will become used to it and it will no longer have any effect unless you stay off it for a while and restart again at a later date.
Phentramin-d is a safe Phentermine replacement and legal to buy online, with no unpleasant side effects. These pharmacological diet pills are developed in an FDA-Approved lab in the U.S.A. to provide more powerful weight loss and energy boost than Phentermine.
With the numerous and potential fatal side effects that are associated with Phentermine it seems only reasonable that you should look into other solutions for your weight loss needs.

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