Christmas Weight Maintenance Tips

You made it through Thanksgiving. Now the Christmas holidays are looming ahead of you. It seems that the “season” of overeating is never ending. Rather than trying to lose weight over the season, it may be a better idea to simply maintain all of your hard work and begin again with the loss in the beginning of the New Year.

Most people gain weight over the Christmas holidays. It’s understandable. This season comes with candies and cakes, and it comes with cookies and chocolate. There is a way to control your weight and still enjoy yourself.

  • Don’t starve yourself throughout the day in order to save up for a dinner or an office party. Not only will you stuff yourself with things that can provide too many calories, you will actually do your metabolic rate a disservice. When you starve yourself, your body’s metabolism slows down to accommodate. So, eat a good breakfast and a reasonable lunch. You’ll be happy you did later.
  • Try to fill up on foods full of fiber and avoid going for seconds. Remind yourself of how much you generally eat and fill your plate accordingly. In addition, forgo the ordinary foods such as chips and crackers with cheese. Instead, take very small portions of the special foods you wouldn’t normally get to eat throughout the year. It only takes a few bites to satisfy that craving.
  • Water down your alcoholic beverages. If you must imbibe, just add some sparkling water to that wine or ask that your drink be diluted with a diet mixture. This will save calories on the alcoholic level, will leave you much more clear headed, and will help you to make good choices when it comes to nibbling. Alcohol affects our inhibitions. Drink too much, and you may not be able to control those urges to splurge.
  • Get your friends and family on board. Make sure they understand that you are dedicated to your diet and have them agree not to tempt you or taunt you into cheating. It is important to have their support in your efforts.
  • Don’t buy the chocolate or traditional snacks. Just don’t do it. If you don’t have it in the house, you cannot cheat by treating yourself to “just one.” That one is generally very difficult to stick to.
  • Finally, if you do slip, forgive yourself and move on. There is no reason for that slip to turn into a rock slide. Don’t let that slip become an excuse or a free ticket to totally abandon your reserve.

Keep yourself focused, and you are capable of getting through the holidays without gaining weight. Give yourself a break from losing, enjoy yourself, but keep yourself in check. When it is time to make a New Year’s resolution, you will be very glad that you did!

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