Desert Burn

Desert Burn, is claimed to be the strongest Hoodia Gordonii supplement in the world.  Hoodia Gordonii is a plant found in South Africa.  Legend has it that the San Bushmen of the Kahari Desert relied on hoodia for thousands of years to ward off hunger and thirst during hunting expeditions.

Formulated in 2004, Desert Burn is available in gums, capsules, teas, shakes, sprays, fruit bars, and syrups.  It is provided in Vegecaps which are made from plant cellulose and are therefore acceptable for vegetarian consumption.  They are also available without prescription.

Desert Burn contains 1000 mg of hoodia per dose and 100 mg of caffeine anydrious.  While the caffeine may improve energy levels, it can also be responsible for increased heart rates, higher blood pressure, dizziness, dehydration, diarrhea, and blurred vision.  Some studies also show that at least a 3000 mg dose of hoodia is needed for the appetite suppressant effects to kick in.  The “all natural” ingredients of green tea extract and white tea are nothing but caffeine supplements.

This diet supplement is not acceptable for use by children, pregnant or nursing mothers, and should be combined with a healthy diet and approved fitness program.  Desert Burn’s own website admits that it may not assist all individuals.  This might explain the many negative reviews found as to its effectiveness.

One additional concern may be availability as the Hoodia plant has been declared as endangered, and the South African government has put a limit on its export.

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