Didrex vs Phentermine

Didrex vs Phentermine

Didrex and Phentermine are two fairly popular weight loss medications that can only be obtained by getting a prescription form a licensed physician.

Since these two weight loss drugs are fairly popular, we decided to have them battle it out against each other to see which one comes out a winner.


Didrex is an amphetamine, just like Phentermine. It provides weight loss results by decreasing the amount of times that someone actually feels hungry, making them eat a lot less than usual.

Didrex does have harmful side effects such as (but not limited to) tremors, chest pain, and trouble breathing. This is another factor that makes doctors skeptical about prescribing this weight loss medication.

Now, let’s move on to Phentermine.


Phentermine is just like Didrex, except that it contains different ingredients and is thought to be more powerful than Didrex. It’s still an amphetamine and is a highly addictive drug.

In fact, you can compare the ease of addiction to methamphetamine. Phentermine acts just like meth, except that it’s used to help conquer the battle that has been going on for tons of years against obesity.

The Conclusion Is Here

When it comes to these two weight loss medication, it’s truly hard to see which one is best. This is because of how harmful it can be to humans and how inconvenient it is to obtain since it’s a controlled substance.

However, we have to go with what consumers have revealed and that is Phentermine turns out to be the better one of the two.

However, keep an open mind, Phentramin-D is the new alternative to both of these weight loss drugs. It’s much safer to consume and doesn’t cost as much. To sweeten the pie, you can purchase it online.

If you want to try Phentramin-D, make sure you go with a trusted manufacturer such as the one listed below.