Didrex vs Tenuate

Didrex vs Tenuate

These are two weight loss medications that have stirred up a lot of conversations within the world of weight loss. That is just one good reason that we have the opportunity to experience this like it’s never been experienced before.

PhenForum presents you with the Didrex vs Tenuate showdown that has no rules on which one we can talk bad about if the opportunity just so happens to come in our direction. 😉


We had the opportunity to come across quite a bit of Didrex information. However, we don’t really have the time to tell you everything that we learned about Didrex, but we did highlight the most important parts for you. 😉

  • FDA Approved
    Didrex has went through the clinical trials in order to become an FDA approved appetite suppressant.
  • Documented Side Effects
    There are many cases where Didrex side effects posed a problem and became documented for doing so.
  • Short Term Weight Loss Management
    Didrex is simply an appetite suppressant, it doesn’t really prove to help burn off fat quicker, but it is deemed as a short term weight loss management solution.
  • Highly Addictive
    The chemical makeup of Didrex makes this drug just like amphetamines, thus making it a highly addictive weight loss medication that your body could become easily dependent on.
  • Only Available With A Prescription
    Didrex is a prescription weight loss medication which requires a visit to the doctor in order to even get close to obtaining a script for Didrex.


Just like Didrex, Tenuate is an appetite suppressant that’s used to provide a short-term weight loss management solution to consumers. Let’s quickly go over Tenuate.

  • Only Available With A Prescription
    This is a prescription weight loss medication which can only be obtained by paying your doctor a visit and scoring a real Tenuate prescription to take to the pharmacy.
  • This is an appetite suppressant, not fat burner.
    Tenuate is only meant to reduce hunger, it doesn’t have fat burner properties such as speeding up one’s metabolism.
  • Less documented side effects than Didrex.
    Tenuate does have less cases than Didrex when it comes to experiencing side effects while taking this weight loss medication.

The Results

Between these two medications, it’s really hard to pick a winner since they are so much alike. Both of these diet pills are really weak weight loss drugs, so that should be taken into consideration as well when tallying up the results of this diet pill review.

We choose to go the Phentramin-D route which is safer, cheaper, and can be purchased online without a prescription. However, Tenuate seems to win the by, not by much by all means.