Dietrine Diet Supplements are marketed as a carbohydrate blocker that curbs the absorption of calories by the body. The digestive enzyme called Alpha Amylase is neutralized so that the carbohydrates are not converted into sugar, according to manufacturer’s claims. Dietrine does not block the absorption of fats or proteins, but may boost energy levels, suppress hunger, and act as a metabolic booster. Phase 2, derived from White Kidney Beans is listed as the most active ingredient along with other non-stimulant, all natural ingredients.

The company claims that there are no harmful side effects when taking Dietrine, but research shows that it may lower glycogen, which can lead to muscle loss or atrophy. Some people have experienced headaches and constipation, as well as some reports of excessive gas.

Consumers of this diet supplement have had noticeable results within the first week, with some weight loss. However, once the body adjusts to the substance, weight has been shown to be easily regained. There is no sufficient clinical data to prove the effectiveness of Dietrine Diet Supplements. Non-published reports show that a mere twenty-five percent are successful in weight loss while seventy-five percent are not.

This diet supplement can aid in jump starting a weight loss regime, but it must be combined with lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and a fitness program. This leaves one to wonder whether it is the supplement or if the change of habits are truly responsible for long-term weight loss.

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