Differentiating Weight Loss Pills Phentermine and Ephedra

Balanced diet and regular exercise are two great methods to losing weight. Nevertheless, many people resort to using weight loss medications to cut more pounds at a faster rate. Phentermine and Ephedra are two of the highly popular weight loss drugs.

Ephedra however was banned by the FDA since 2004 and is considered an illegal substance. Another drug with similar grade, Ephedrine, is classified as over-the-counter or non-prescription medication designed for short-term treatment of asthma and bronchitis. Although an OTC drug, Ephedrine is considered a controlled substance in some states, and those under 18 years aren’t allowed to buy it.

Phentermine on the other hand is classified as a controlled substance being a prescription medication against obesity. This means that no one is allowed to buy the medicine without advice from a doctor. And it’s highly recommended that usage of Phentermine be done with close monitoring from a medical professional to prevent or reduce possible side effects.

Phentermine has a non-prescription alternative called Phentramin-D, which doesn’t contain amphetamine compounds and doesn’t cause serious or chronic side effects. Phentramin-D is FDA-approved and can be bought from both local and online pharmacies without doctor’s prescription.

Ephedra and Phentermine suppress appetite by stimulating the body. Ephedra forces the body to use more energy, resulting in reduced weight. Phentermine makes the person think he is full and reduces desire for food. Ephedra and Phentermine have been found to reduce weight faster and better than traditional means of diet and exercise alone. However, it’s best to note that Phentermine and its OTC alternative Phentramin-D work best

vomiting, and paranoia, and even fatal ones like heart attack and stroke. It’s very dangerous to take caffeine while taking Ephedra.

On the other hand, Phentermine causes mild symptoms like dry mouth, dizziness, and upset stomach, as well as serious symptoms like hypertension, heart palpitation, chest pain, and breathing problems. As compared with Ephedra, the better weight loss drug is Phentermine, but its non-prescription substitute, Phentramin-D, is ultimately the best choice.

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