Lose Weight, Make Money!

Wow, You Really Are Different. Congratulations!

ian and kyungri - we're realHey it’s Ian 🙂

Here’s the deal – I got the hookup for you because I know you worked really hard to lose weight you did.

Yeah Phentramin-d helped but it’s not magic. It just assisted you in making some key changes yourself, which in turn made you lose weight. My point is, you did it.

You’ve gone through this journey you have a huge opportunity to help people by inspiring them. Yes!

I will send you $500 after you do these 4 steps:

  • photosStep 1 – You’ll need to have a good “before” picture to use.
  • Step 2 – Now, take an “after” picture of yourself, make sure that it looks sexy (the inspiring kind haha) and shows off the new, yet lighter you. 🙂 Try to make sure your whole body is visible standing up in the pics you send. In the past some people have sent in closeups of their face in the dark… LOL
  • cameraStep 3 – Break out the camera and record a quick video. Don’t feel pressure to say Phentramin-d was a magic pill. I’m not really into that kinda salesy stuff either, so say what you feel like saying. I’d love to hear your story of struggle to success, woe to win… David vs Goliath kinda thing. Tell about the emotions you’ve gone through, what you did to lose weight, and how you feel now. After all this was a battle and you won. That’s what these stories are for – inspiring people and showing them they can lose weight too! 🙂
  • formStep 4 – Fill out this form below, and I will reply to you by email. You can then send me your video file by email to finish up your success story submission. If you don’t want to do video, the reward is still $250 for an audio recording.

Submit The Form Below

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How you’ll get paid

cashI can send your reward money by Paypal (preferred), so I would just need to know your paypal email address, and then I can send the money. Or, if you don’t use paypal, I will send by Western Union and you can pick up the cash at your local store.

If you have any questions, contact me at masonian03 (at) gmail.com (I removed the @ to stop spam, so just put it back in there)