FDA Rejects another Prescription Diet Pill

The FDA rejected another prescription diet pill on Tuesday. The pill known as Contrave was turned down the diet pill because of fear that it may cause heart problems. The company that is producing Contrave called Orexigen saw its stock plummet due to the FDA rejection. This does not signal the end for Contrave, right now the company needs to determine whether it wants to invest more money to conduct a study for possible heart related issues.

The FDA has not approved a new weight loss drug in ten years, though there are many that are still going through studies right now. But keep in mind that out of all the prescription diet pills on the market all but one is for short term use. These drugs have many side effects that can cause some serious health problems and are only to be used by people who are extremely obese and under a doctor’s care.

Phentramin-d is a non prescription weight loss drug that has proven to provide terrific results and not have the side effects that so many prescription diet pills have.

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