Food and Phentermine

When a doctor has prescribed one to take Phentermine, that means that one’s obesity has become a danger to her health — and dieting and exercise are too slow to clear the danger.

Althought the US FDA has approved Phentermine use up to 3 months, most Phentermine brands recommend that the pill be used only up to a month. That’s because the drug shares the same dangerous symptoms and addictiveness of the crystal meth family.

While Phentermine reduces one’s obesity by mostly preventing one from eating too much (one’s appetite is severely reduced), this does not mean the patient should not be eating. The patient should, in order to counter the stresses caused by Phentermine. But the food should be balanced this time — no junk food and drinks, no sodas, no sugary drinks, no alcohol. Add to that proper exercise and enough sleep — basically a change to a healthy, non-lazy lifestyle.

Easier said than done. The road to a healthy body has a lot of obstacles.

For one thing, healthy food is hard to come by in cities than in rural areas — if healthy food does become available, the poor are not able to afford it on a daily basis. The dominant system of food production and distribution in cities is such that hamburgers from fast food restaurants are cheaper than organic farm produce. Which is too bad because studies show an association between poverty and obesity — urban poor don’t usually have access to healthy food hence they become fat from eating unhealthy food. Which makes them vulnerable to diseases and ailments associated with obesity. It is a vicious cycle.

When it comes to sleep, some people work nights, which prevents them from getting quality sleep. The human body does not truly adapt to being awake at night — this causes persistent ‘jet lag’ in night-shift workers. Sometimes one’s place may be too noisy to enable one to sleep peacefully.

And when it comes to exercise, there might not be an appropriate place to exercise in the crowded areas where the poor live. Or the patient’s job might leave her flat tired at the end of the day there’s simply no time to do some stretching. Or there might be problems with maintaining one’s resolve and discipline.

In conclusion, although the playing field appears to be tilted against the poor and obese, taking weight loss pills like Phentermine may still be effective — as long as they can overcome the odds stacked against them.

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