Formulated Weight Loss Pills versus DIY Medications

Many people with weight problems are into self-medication, and are often out to buy over-the-counter or non-prescription medicines. Some even go to the extent of concocting their own medicines by making drinks and supplements made of various ingredients from herbal to pharmacological. Others over-exercise or skip meals just to cut those extra pounds.

Do-it-yourself medications such as green tea or OTC hunger suppressants may work wonders for some, but there are always exceptions. The problem with this approach is that not too many people do responsible self-medication and fall into these pitfalls of DIY medications namely choice of drugs, contra-indications, and adverse drug interactions.

It’s highly critical for people with obesity issues to always educate themselves about weight loss products and dietary regimens. It’s reckless for a person to right away take weight loss drugs or hit the gym without undertaking medical consultation. There’s no telling if that person were better off taking non-prescription alternative Phentramin-D or if that person weren’t supposed to do aerobic exercise unless he sees a doctor.

Then too most homemade medications and herbal products don’t go through stringent quality checks, unlike pharmacological weight reduction medications, OTC Phentramin-D and RX Phentermine. Herbal and natural supplements don’t need to be screened and approved by the FDA before market release. Herbal products after all aren’t as safe as they claim to be.

Well, you can go natural all you want and prefer to make green tea, white tea, red tea or black tea drinks at home. This isn’t to underestimate the weight-reducing power of tea, which contains caffeine and catechins for faster metabolism and energy boost. However, just how much tea do you need to drink every day? And would your tea diet provide the results you want? A fair warning: large doses of tea can make you sleepless and dehydrated.

On the contrary, formulated medications for weight loss such as Phentermine and Phentramin-D are manufactured in compliance with strict standards. Specific dosages are indicated for safe and effective use of the drugs. Upon advice of a doctor and with proper use, these drugs offer the results you desire – much better and faster.

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