Go for beauty, use your brains.

If there’s one thing to really really remember about weight-loss pills (like the non-prescription Phentramin-D or the prescription, risky, non-generally available Phentermine) is this: they should NOT be used for “cosmetic” weight loss. Cosmetic weight loss nowadays has come to be associated with surgical procedures to quickly and drastically remove fat in order for an overweight person to look “more presentable” — generally to gain acceptance or self-esteem.

The problem with cosmetic weight loss is this: there’s usually no preparations made to change one’s life style — healthy food, hygiene, enough proper exercise and sleep. Drastic weight reduction for looks without ample preparation is dangerous. If the cosmetic weight loss procedure is particularly invasive, one may succumb to the stresses and or infections to which the procedure might have made the body vulnerable.

That is why the use of weight-loss pills like Phentramin-D are always accompanied with the warning not to use them without proper diet and exercise.

In case of Phentramin-D, its two main ingredients, geranamine and caffeine, together, produce energy boosts, alertness and euphoria, increased heart-rate, metabolism and fat burning, and make one not want to eat — hunger and cravings are greatly lessened.

This is the effect that produces the weight loss. If one doesn’t accompany this with eating the right kind of food at the right time and in right amounts, plus exercise and enough sleep, the body might get in an ‘emergency’ mode — it resists the weight loss after a while (after 3 months for Phentramin-D and 1 month for Phentermine). And then, even if one loses the desired amount of pounds, these might come bounding back after the medication stops.

So if these weight-loss pills are not recommended for cosmetic weight loss, what should one take for cosmetic weight loss instead?

Wrong question — one should not do cosmetic weight loss at all. It only addresses the symptoms, not the habits or factors which cause obesity and, therefore, even if you lose the pounds, you’d still be unhealthy.

If you must take weight-loss pills, do it only to save your body from diseases brought about by being morbidly obese — that is, if your fat is literally killing you.

And even then, accompany Phentramin-D with proper food, exercise and enough sleep — to make you healthy and prevent the unwanted poundage from coming back with a vengeance. If you do that, beauty — the cosmetic side of it — will follow.

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