Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is an herbal derivative from Green Tea leaves. People have been drinking green tea for centuries, believing in its powerful healing properties and its ability to ward off cancers and other diseases. It is touted to effectively reduce rheumatoid arthritis as well as help in preventing HIV from doing the utmost damage. The Green Tea Extract pills are claimed to be rich fat burning supplements. They supposedly burn the fatty acid in the body without raising the heart rate and enhance the body’s metabolism.

According to a study reported in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea extract was found to result in a significant increase in energy expenditure. Going beyond the caffeine factor, there was some indication promoting increased metabolism and fat oxidation. Researchers believe that catechins in green tea may work to burn fat in the body. However, human studies regarding weight loss have not shown consistent results. There are insufficient reliable results for any solid conclusions.

For maximum weight loss purposes, it is recommended that a dose between 200 and 750 mg be taken daily. It is available as a liquid and a dose of 4 ml can be added to hot or cold water or any beverage. The caffeine free variety of this product does not seem to be as effective, and one should be wary of any product containing additives such as sugar, silica, starch, gluten, or artificial coloring, dyes, and flavors.

Due to the high caffeine content, pregnant or nursing mothers should not take this product. Also, those with high allergy problems and thyroid problems should avoid its use. Some of the side effects noticed and reported are: hyperactivity, anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness, increased pulse rate, and high blood pressure. Always consult your physician before beginning a new dietary supplement.

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