Hoodia not for Weight Loss

Unilever a London based consumer goods company has released the results of a clinical trial that was used when they were testing Hoodia for a potential weight loss supplement. Unilever which was trying to produce a safe and effective weight loss medication has concluded through clinical trials that using the Hoodia gordonii succulent plant (it is not a cactus as often described) has no weight loss benefits.

Hoodia has been touted for many years as a supplement that can provide terrific weight loss results even though it has lacked any scientific proof to support these claims. In fact many experts have been questioning the impact Hoodia has on weight loss as far back as 2004.

In their trial researchers had assigned 49 healthy overweight women to one of two groups. Participants had remained at the clinic and each had received two servings of yogurt a day for fifteen days. One group had 1,110 milligrams of Hoodia mixed into their yogurt.

Participants could eat as much as they wanted while at the clinic however, there was no difference in the two groups concerning calorie intake or weight loss. Hoodia did not suppress anyone’s appetite.

Women in the group who had Hoodia did not have a great experience compared to the non-Hoodia group. The women who had Hoodia had endured 208 cases of side effects which included headaches, nausea and vomiting.

The researchers had noted due to those results they could not omit the possibility of the same side effects to consumers who take the supplements.

Unilever does deserve some praise as companies usually are not eager to publish negative results.

Hoodia joins the ranks of overrated supplements like the Acai berry that are more hype than reality for your weight loss needs.

Try Phentramin-D as a safe alternative

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