Originally, the weight loss supplement, Hydroxycut contained ephedra, and was thus pulled from the shelves by the Food and Drug Administration (since ephedra has been banned). Since then, this supplement has been reformulated twice. The current version of Hydroxycut claims to be a fat burner. In capsule form, Hydroxycut is supposed to boost weight loss by curbing hunger, increasing metabolism, and cutting calories consumed by those using it. Hydroxycut is now available over-the-counter at grocery stores and pharmacies, while most diet supplements found are only available online.

The ingredients of Hydroxycut include green tea extract, caffeine anyhydrous, white tea extract, and Woolong tea extract among many others. Each tablet contains more caffeine than two cups of coffee. This caffeine content could be responsible for the curbing of hunger, and is most certainly responsible for the feelings of jitteriness, increased heart rates, feeling like one is going to pass out, headaches, and outbreaks of severe perspiration reported by many who have taken this supplement.

This diet supplement is supposed to affect thermogenesis which uses heat to burn or break down fat cells that cover muscles with layers of fat. Hydroxycut is said to work by stimulating hormone production that activates that effect.

Although much safer than the version that contained ephedra, the new and improved version of Hydroxycut seems to be no more than a caffeine pill which can cause increased blood pressure, nose bleeds, blurred vision, acne breakout, insomnia, and nausea.

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