Is Phentermine good for weight loss?

Phentermine may be ‘good’ for weight loss, but taking it might not be a healthy option for you. Why? Because Phentermine is a close relative of crystal meth — with similar dangerous side effects. This is the reason Phentermine is already banned from being sold online. Only doctors may prescribe Phentermine under their close supervision — it is not to be used for the purpose of just looking slimmer but to drastically reduce the weight of a fat person in danger of getting a stroke or a heart attack and other ailments related to being fat.

Naturally this is a dangerous balancing act. Phentermine is dangerous drug — one of its numerous side effects is increased blood pressure, and morbidly obese people are already vulnerable to the likes of high blood pressure. The doctor is only prescribing Phentermine as an emergency effort to save one’s life.

And Phentermine, even if advised by a doctor, should be taken in combination with a healthy change in lifestyle — healthy food and drink, good night’s sleep, and proper exercise. This is to make sure the body will be able to withstand the shock brought by Phentermine’s side effects. Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle will keep one healthy — no going back to obesity.

Is there a weight loss pill similar to Phentermine but without side effects? None, but one comes close — Phentramin-D. The action is similar — lack of appetite, elevated energy boosts, and alertness but the side effects are fewer: sleeplessness (due to the caffeine in Phentramin-D — so it is advised to be taken in the day), dryness of the mouth.

Phentramin-D is also a non-prescription drug, which is readily available online and about two-thirds the price of Phentermine. This causes Phentramin-D to gradually edge-out Phentermine in popularity.

Still, no weight loss pill is safe so even if Phentramin-D is non-prescription and has no known dangerous side effects, it should not be taken for long periods — only a couple of months at most and one should also eat healthy food (no overeating, junk food and alcohol), exercise, and sleep well while taking Phentramin-D. No one is excused from living a healthy life if one is to maintain one’s healthy weight.

In short, the only thing good for a healthy weight loss is healthy living. Phentermine and Phentramin-D can only start by pushing you into losing weight but, without a healthy lifestyle, they are as risky as pushing someone over a cliff.

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