Looking at Phentramin-D – The Phentermine Alternative

If you want to do and look better physically, consider losing weight. It’s true that having your desired figure helps boost your self-confidence; it’s not entirely the main source of confidence, but it really does make a difference if you look and feel good about yourself. And self-confidence goes a long way in improving both your career and relationships.

Now, losing weight can be done through the use of especially formulated medicines. Many are skeptic about taking pills and other drugs for fear of negative side effects, but if you choose the right medicine for losing weight and if you have sought your doctor’s advice, you don’t have to worry about anything, save for the trouble of updating your wardrobe perhaps.

At any rate, if you’ve been into losing weight, you’re probably familiar with Phentermine, a prescription medicine for suppressing appetite, stimulating metabolism and increasing energy. Now, this medicine is great to use, but many are looking for Phentermine alternatives because they have difficulty in getting this weight loss pill. The following are some of the drawbacks of prescription Phentermine:

a. Valid prescription required for purchase.
b. Medicine is not available online.
c. Boosts metabolism and energy but causes jittery feeling.
d. Expensive to buy; price starts at $270.
e. Helps lose 12lbs of weight each month on average.

Phentermine is not really all that bad, save for the cost and the slight jittery feeling. It’s a relatively safe drug considering you need to obtain a doctor’s prescription first to buy it. In other words, it’s assumed you’ve been to your doctor for some professional examination and advice before you use the medicine. However, if the cost of Phentermine is too much for your pocket to handle, feel free to discuss with your doctor about your other weight loss options.

There are a few Phentermine alternatives that you can use, and one of them is Phentramin-D. This one is considerably a good buy because you can expect to lose up to 15 pounds of weight each month on average. That’s 3 pounds more than what Phentermine can do. Also, Phentramin-D is a non-prescription weight loss medicine, so you can buy it without seeing your doctor although it’s still preferable to do otherwise. Plus, the medicine is available at online pharmacies – now that’s total convenience. Like Phentermine, Phentramin-D suppresses your hunger up to 8 hours and boosts your energy, but it does it without feeling tired or jittery. More importantly, Phentramin-D costs way, way lower than Phentermine. At $67 a month, who wouldn’t want to lose weight so quickly and so easily?

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