Lose weight, get a life

Many people lump a lot of undesirable undertones with being very overweight — no control of appetites, emotionally unstable, clingy and demanding, bad hygiene, no fun, etc.

For one who is overweight and has these additional characteristics, being fat can be very depressing indeed. It can keep one from having a life. On the other hand, some overweight people are confident and fun. One just cannot generalize.

Speaking of generalizations, it’s not really correct to say all overweight people need to lose weight fast. In fact, slightly overweight people have been found to live longer than their normal weight counterparts. Only those who are morbidly obese — those whose lives are in immediate danger due to their fatness — need to lose weight quickly. And they should do so under the supervision of a physician. Others need to lose weight at their own pace.

Be it fast or slow, there’s one weight-loss pill that’s safe, non-prescription, can be ordered through the Internet, and FDA approved. It’s Phentramin-D™. Introduced in 2007, Phentramin-D™ mimics the effects of Phentermine — the most prescribed weight loss pill since the 1970s — without Phentermine’s harmful crystal meth-like side effects. It also costs less than Phentermine.

Phentramin-D™ is a combination of two stimulants, geranamine (from geranium oil) and caffeine (from good old coffee). The two combine to suppress appetite, elevate energy levels, burn fat, and keep one awake.

Phentramin-D™ can cause one to lose 8-15 pounds a month but the maximum time for taking it is just 3 months. While taking this medicine, you should also be eating healthy food, doing proper exercise and getting enough sleep. This is to replace the fat you are losing with muscle. Otherwise, you’ll end up with less weight and a lot of saggy skin folds — and the weight you lost can rebound quickly once you stopped taking the pill.

Changing from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle has been criticized by some as cheating. But it is needed in order to keep one’s weight from going up and down like a yo-yo. Unhealthy habits (including eating too much) are the main reasons for obesity. One cannot keep them down by taking Phentramin-D™ alone — the body starts resisting the effects of the pill once it detects it is being starved.

It takes effort to change one’s lifestyle — and this is the hardest part of losing weight. But, if one is committed, the result is a beautiful body and a healthier life.

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