Losing weight (and winning)

There are many good reasons for losing extra weight fast. Being morbidly obese is one of them. That means you are in danger of dying early because of your fat. Otherwise, if your extra weight does not endanger you, then you can take your time losing weight — gaining confidence in the process.

The fastest way to lose weight — and the one most often prescribed by doctors to fast-track weight loss — is to prescribe Phentermine, a generic drug (some of you might know it as Adipex) related to crystal meth. This is usually only for a couple of weeks to a month because Phentermine also has the dangerous side effects of crystal meth.

Fast on Phentermine’s heels in popularity is the safer, non-prescription weight-loss pill Phentramin-D™. It has a similar effect to Phentermine but without the undesirable side effects. It’s basically a combination of two stimulants methylhexanamine (aka Geranamine) from geranium oil, and caffeine. Geranamine acts like Phentermine to make one lose appetite, gain energy boosts and euphoria, suppress production of fat and increase heart rate and metabolism. Caffeine adds alertness and helps in fat burning.

These pills, of course, should be paired with eating healthy food, enough sleep and proper exercise — the body detects if it is being starved (and slows down metabolism accordingly) so healthy food should replace junk food. Healthy living should combat the shock of not eating and lack of sleep and should also prevent the weight lost from bounding back with a vengeance. Weight loss pills are just the first step and they should not be taken for prolonged periods — even if they don’t have undesirable side effects.

Other factors that affect how one keeps the fat down is the ability to control one’s appetite (after one stops taking weight loss pills), availability of healthy food and whether one’s job or living condition is conducive to one’s health.

This is the reason why, for some, losing weight fast and keeping the fat down is easy. For some, it is an uphill battle. After Phentramin-d™, the weight lost may sometimes come back, but that is not a reason for being guilty or giving up. The most important thing is that you are on the track to healthy living — once you have developed healthy habits, it should be easier for you to continually lose and maintain a healthy weight.

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