Mind the Phentermine landmine

Prescription Phentermine is the most prescribed weight loss pill. Since it was introduced in the 70s, Phentermine has proven effective causing short-term weight loss.

However, in later years, Phentermine’s popularity was gradually diminished because of its classification as a Schedule IV controlled substance. What made Phentermine a very effective weight loss pill was also the cause of its reduced popularity — Phentermine is a member of the notorious Crystal Meth family with these side effects:

* Restlessness, hostile irritability, sleeplessness, nervousness, panic, manic-depression, blurred vision, dilated pupils, hallucinations
* Irregular heartbeat, jitters, increased or irregular blood pressure, clumsiness, trembling or shaking
* Dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea (or the opposite, constipation), heartburn, stomach pain, fatigue, thirst, dry mouth
* Rashes and itching, psoriasis
* Increased female libido

The side effects, and fears about what happened to overweight people vulnerable with already elevated blood pressures when they used it, discouraged a lot of people from using Phentermine.

Nowadays, you won’t be able to buy Phentermine over the Internet. What you’ll be getting instead, are fake Phentermine — with similar sounding names.

However, there’s another weight loss pill with a similar sounding name that actually works, Phentramin-D. This one works like Phentermine but it does not belong to the amphetamine group so its side effects are minimal — sleeplessness and mouth dryness.

Phentramin-D’s main active ingredients are geranamine (from geranium oil) and caffeine (originally from coffee) — one, a food supplement and decongestant and the other, a popular stimulant.

Together, geranamine and caffeine cause loss of appetite (important for those who eat too much), accelerated metabolism (for fat burning), and boosted energy levels (from fat burning) — these three effects are the ones responsible for the fat loss.

However, sleeplessness side effect comes from caffeine — and this should be countered by taking the pill in the morning so one can still sleep at night.

A good night sleep, fresh air, exercise, and eating healthy food should accompany the taking of this pill (any weight loss pill) or else one will become at risk of weakening his or her resistance to ailments due to lack of sleep and hunger. Healthy living is also necessary for maintaining one’s healthy weight once one has achieved it — any sliding back to an unhealthy lifestyle will cause the weight lost to come back quickly.

The lesson to be had from weight loss pills like Phentermine or Phentramin-D is one should take care of one’s health and live a healthy life to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. If you do that continually, you won’t need Phentermine, Phentramin-D or any weight loss pill.

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