Obesity is an effort

It takes time to gain — ahem, impressive — proportions. If one tries really really hard, like Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me, one can get from stocky to obese in a month. But that sort of thing seldom happens in the real world. It would take at least months of minimal exercise, lack of sleep and unhealthy food to get fat. Beer is optional.

And so it takes effort to create a . . . voluptuous body — mind you, not all overweight people are unhealthy — in fact, some studies have shown that to be a little overweight is healthier than having the ‘ideal’ weight. And some men prefer ‘meatier’ women over a Paris Hilton figure — so take heart.

Extra weight therefore only becomes a problem with the ‘morbidly’ obese. This means that too much fat is killing you. Of course, too much of anything is deadly, and that includes fat.

Which brings us to this: if obesity takes practice, it also takes practice to bring it down. If obesity means continuous effort (until it became effortless), it also means to bring your weight down requires your dedicated effort until the hard work becomes effortless for you.

Are you ready? Then you can try this first if you are impatient: Get Phentramin-D™ — a blue and white pill — actually a combination of two stimulants, one from geranium oil and the other, familiar caffeine — to jumpstart your weight loss in a month. This combination of stimulants will make you lose your appetite, make you feel alert and restless and give you energy boosts — remember when you first had strong coffee — I was restless, had thumping heart and felt like walking fast around the block the first time I drank coffee after months of abstinence.

Take Phentramin-D™ only in the day. That should make you lose 8 or more pounds in a month and still get enough sleep at night — good for one’s self-esteem. Now for the ‘effort’ part. You must combat the bad effects of lack of sleep and starvation by eating healthy food — fruits, vegetables — getting enough sleep and doing proper exercise while you’re taking the pill and continue doing so after. If you don’t, even if you lose weight, it’ll be back with a vengeance once medication stops.

Once you’ve lost enough weight, there should be no sliding back. OK, you can have that occasional burger and shake — but keep living healthily and you won’t have to worry about being fat.

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