Phentermine and diet

Phentermine, the most prescribed diet loss pill, is prescribed by doctors as a last resort to drastically reduce the weight of someone whose morbid obesity puts his or her health in danger. This puts the patient into a state where appetite is suppressed, while the body’s metabolism is increased, including the heart rate. The aim for prescribing Phentermine is to rapidly burn fat, replacing them with nutrients from healthy food thereby creating a slimmer body. Hence taking this pill is accompanied by change in lifestyle — healthy food and proper exercise, in order to prevent the weight lost from gaining a rebound.

Weight loss through the use of Phentermine is considered a temporary solution only — just to save the patient from being attacked by obesity-related illness. The best solution against obesity is eating the right kind of food at the right amounts, enough sleep, and a non-sedentary habit — that’s why taking Phentermine alone never works.

Add to that the danger of using Phentermine for periods longer than a few weeks. Phentermine is a relative of crystal meth — the most notorious of the amphetamines — and produces similar dangerous side effects and addictiveness as crystal meth. In fact, Phentermine is classified as a controlled substance and cannot be bought without a doctor’s prescription.

However, even if one loses appetite due to using Phentermine, he or she should still eat healthy food — in proper amounts. This is to prevent the body from going into starvation mode — which is not good at all, even if this leads one to lose weight. Why? If the body goes into starvation mode, it starts eating the muscles first; fats second. This state, called gluconeogenesis, makes one lose muscle mass — leaving one physically weak, while still having a lot of fat. Which puts a lot of strain on the body and weakens its resistance to illnesses.

This is the danger of going into starvation diets — a common occurrence with those who use Phentermine and other weight-loss pills. And since the patient does not feel hungry, it becomes harder for doctors to detect that the body is already starving and beginning to break down its own muscles to satisfy its craving for glucose.

The amphetamine like effect of Phentermine also causes one to lose sleep, which can further weaken the body. So taking this drug requires utmost discipline and supervision, when it comes to dieting and healthy lifestyle change. Dieting plus Phentermine is not supposed to make you starve secretly.

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