Phentermine and the obesity gold mine

Phentermine, and many other weight loss pills, have become indispensable in the face of the obesity epidemic spreading all over the world.

Obesity has become one of the leading causes of preventable death in the world — contributing to such ailments as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty blood. Once these are detected and, if the situation is still reversible, the doctor may prescribe Phentermine to kickstart weight loss. But Phentermine does not address the cause of the problem — it is unhealthy living — mostly in the cities.

Obesity is mostly due to a combination of overeating, especially of processed, nutrient poor food, and a sedentary life. As cities mostly have processed foods and lesser and lesser manual jobs — most people sit in front of a computer all day, and they no longer walk short distances — they have the most number of obese people — mostly the poor, in developed countries and the middle to upper classes, in poorer countries. A country’s state of development also affects whether Phentermine and other weight loss pills are readily available.

Modern cities — and those who run them — thrive in the business of junk food and unhealthy lifestyle. And the media helps: TV ads glorify junk food (it is estimated that one-fourth of the daily food energy of young adults in America comes from sweetened drinks), alcohol, parties, consumerism.

On the other hand, TV ads also glorify gorgeous bodies and advertise fat-loss medicines — it’s as if people’s healths are deliberately being made to swing between junk food aided obesity and medically/physically induced weight loss. All the while money is lost — and made. In the billions. Obesity costs are estimated by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) to be $270 billion in the US alone — $127 billion in medical care, $49 billion in productivity loss due to higher death rates, $43 billion productivity loss due to active worker disability, and $72 billion productivity loss due to total disability. This does not include the amount of money is being made by the processed food industry. No wonder obesity doesn’t show any signs of going away. Obesity is a gold mine.

If this is the case, one’s only defense against obesity is discipline in sticking to eating healthy food, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and living a stress-free life. A tremendous task, given the odds against it.

Phentermine and other weight loss pills are just there to kickstart weight loss so an obese person will not have time to develop obesity complications. But once one has gained the weight she desires, she has to stay healthy by living a healthy lifestyle.

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