Phentermine General Info


You may or may not have heard of Phentermine before you found this page. For those that haven’t, Phentermine is a weight loss medication that used to be available for purchase online. That was until the DEA got involved and started implying strict regulations on this drug.

Phentermine acts as an amphetamine, which means that it speeds up one’s heart rate in order to burn off excess fat. With that said, it can be an addictive weight loss medication that is known to cause withdrawal symptoms when one stops taking Phentermine.

Why did the DEA put regulations in place for Phentermine?

Many people were taking Phentermine when they didn’t even need it. This led them to the fact that it’s the new drug of choice for those who think they are obese when they’re really not.

With that said, the DEA is now making Phentermine to be only made available by paying your doctor a visit and obtaining a prescription for it. You can no longer purchase Phentermine online like you used to be able to do when it was first released to the public.

Is there any other weight loss medication I can get without a prescription?

Yes, there are many but those most popular among doctors is Phentramin-D. They actually say this is the new Phentermine alternative. It’s much safer, cheaper, and easier to get your hands on than Phentermine.

Now, you’re probably thinking that this is some weak weight loss supplement, but it’s not. Phentramin-D is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss medication that has proven to be just as powerful, if not more powerful than the world-renowned Phentermine.

With that said, if you want a Phentermine alternative, you can order Phentramin-D. If you’re still stuck on wanting Phentermine, set an appointment for your doctor and cross your fingers that he will even prescribe it to you, because it’s only prescribed to those who are extremely overweight and suffering from a severe medical condition because of it.