Phentermine is just a panic button

You heard it right. Phentermine — and any weight-loss pill — should just be the last resort along the road to reducing one’s weight. It is prescribed by doctors for those in immediate danger of getting obesity related diseases. It kickstarts the fat reduction process by making you lose your appetite for eating — obesity is caused by eating bad food in excessive amounts.

Phentermine needs 3 companions: diet, exercise and change in behavior.

Remember, obesity is caused by unhealthy eating habits. Phentermine is just the fuse. What creates the big bang — the big change in you is when you change the food you eat, your physical activity, and your attitude when it comes to food.

In fact, if you are overweight, but do not have hypertension or not in immediate danger from other obesity related disease, you don’t need Phentermine to lose weight. You only need to take the first step in the right direction — start eating well — and by ‘well,’ I mean healthy, not ‘a lot.’ And never quit, even if you back slide into pigging out at times (we’re only human after all).

If you don’t like vegetables, it’s time to practice eating vegetables — sacrifice the delicious taste of meat if you must. Stay away from sugars — addiction to sugars can make one fat and vulnerable to illnesses. It’s going to be difficult — all addictions are difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

Adding to the difficulty is that, sometimes, your brain may conspire against you. Studies have shown the brains of some who tend to be obese work differently. Brain imaging studies showed some people don’t feel satisfaction with normal amounts of food — which means they require larger food servings in order to feel as satisfied as ordinary people. People who have this brain activity tend to be obese later in life.

Regular exercise and enough sleep may also be difficult to achieve for some, for various reasons. Chief among them might be lack of discipline, but lack of time, a night job, or a stressful environment may also contribute to lack of enough sleep and proper exercise.

Nobody said it’s going to be easy. Nobody said it’s going to be fast (hey, getting fat normally takes months) but, with enough resolve and discipline, losing weight without putting yourself in danger of the harmful side-effects of Phentermine, you can gain your ideal weight.

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