Phentermine on the weight loss line

Phentermine, the leading appetite suppressing prescription drug, is commonly prescribed as a last resort for people who are morbidly obese. This is because losing weight is not easy — as seen in the increasing number of obese people around the world.

Phentermine use is common in developed countries because of easier availability of processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. Phentermine use is also becoming popular in developing countries where Western diets and non-manual jobs are increasing. One can say that obesity is the scourge of the modern era, even as people die of starvation in other parts of the world.

Phentermine, a Class IV controlled substance, is a dangerous drug. Using it for prolonged periods results in addiction and exposure to life-threatening side effects similar to that of its relative, crystal meth. No one need use such a double-edged remedy if people only start living a healthy life.

The sad thing is, even if people know the dangers of overeating and being a couch potato, many still eat unhealthily, ride to get to short distances, or spend all day in front of the TV or computer.

Why don’t people simply stop eating and sitting themselves to death? It’s not easy. Some may have no alternative to unhealthy processed food — especially in urban America where processed foods are way cheaper than fresh farm produce. Some may already be addicted to calorie-packed, nutrient deficient, processed food and drink. Some have jobs that require them to sit in front of a computer the whole day. Some simply follow the daily suggestions of the media. Some overeat due to stress. The reasons are many.

Whatever the reason(s) it took time to get there. And it will take some time to get off from there. And this is where Phentermine can be useful — within reasonable limits.

Sometimes, the time to regain a healthy body is too long for one to be saved from being attacked by diabetes, bad cholesterol, and hypertension. If one needs a weight loss shortcut, Phentermine is there — as a last resort.

But taking Phentermine should be under the supervision of a doctor, and should be accompanied by the things the lack of which led to obesity in the first place — healthy food and proper exercise.

Once the ideal weight is reached with the help of Phentermine, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle, or else obesity will come back, putting one’s health once again on the line.

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