Phentermine pairs with proper diet and exercise

Phentermine, one of the most prescribed appetite suppression pill, is used to drastically reduce the weight of those suffering from morbid obesity. Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death all over the world — in fact, it increases the risk of getting the number one cause of preventable death, hypertension.

Morbid obesity means one’s fat is killing that person through reduced life expectancy and obesity-related diseases. When changing one’s food habits and lifestyle gets too slow to reduce one’s weight, weight loss pills, like Phentermine, are prescribed. That’s only the first step in the strategy to reduce weight.

Obesity is commonly caused by the combination of overeating (especially unhealthy food) and lack of physical activity. Taking Phentermine makes a person lose his or her desire to eat, hence stopping overeating.

This is paired with regular exercise as the second part of the strategy. And while this is going on, the obese person under medication should replace unhealthy food with a balanced diet. This balanced diet should continue throughout the life of the person.

Medication is for a maximum of 3 months only because of the risks of using Phentermine — yes, the drug is a double-edged sword. One can get addicted to its ‘energy boost’ and its dangerous side effects are many — including excessive heartbeat, hallucinations, impotence in men, increased libido in women, irritability — think ‘crystal meth’ and you’ll have an idea. This is why those with heart conditions and those who are taking other medications should not be taking Phentermine. Commonly Phentermine use is only up to a month. If the side effects are not worth the results, one should consider other ways.

One substitute for Phentermine is Phentramin-D. While Phentermine is a Class IV controlled substance and is not sold without a prescription and cannot be bought over the Internet legally (if you see ones doing Phentermine business over the Internet, that is most likely a scam), Phentramin-D is non-prescription, cheaper, has only two known undesirable side effects (sleeplessness and dry mouth) and can be bought over the Internet.

Phentramin-D also suppresses the appetite, like Phentermine, but is a safer alternative.

Some people don’t need a diet suppresant in order to moderate their food intake — the thought that overeating endangers one’s health is enough motivation. However, for some, proper diet and exercise alone is not effective (only 2-20% success rate). This is where Phentermine (or other appetite suppresants) come in handy.

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