Phentermine vs Phentramin-D™

Phentermine is the most prescribed weight loss pill since the 1970s. But it is considered a controlled substance, is potentially addicting, and illegal to be sold over the Internet. Furthermore, Phentermine has many side effects which can be alarming: irregular heartbeat, increased or irregular blood pressure, fatigue, rashes, itching and psoriasis, mental disorder, clumsiness, trembling, spasms, dizziness, thirst, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, dilated pupils, blurred vision, and increased female libido. (OK, that last side effect might not be so undesirable but the others are.)

Fortunately a newer, safer alternative is now available: Phentramin-D™. This has only few side effects that one can prepare for, chiefly dry mouth and sleeplessness. Phentramin-D™ works like Phentermine without its addictive property. It can be sold over the Internet, can be bought without prescription and costs less than Phentermine.

Phentramin-D™ has been proven to increase metabolism, give an energy boost and reduce appetite. This is done by 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine and 1,3-dimethypentylamine hydrochloride in Phentramin-D™. These substances mimic the brain’s neurotransmitter norepinephrine that’s responsible for the body’s fight-or–flight response releasing glucose and increasing the heart rate and metabolism.

This increase in the body’s glucose causes loss of appetite (because the body thinks it is full). The body’s production of cyclic AMP is also increased by Phentramin-D. This in turn decreases the production of fats and further releases glucose through another process.

In short, Phentramin-D™ increases the body’s metabolism (also burns fat) through increased heart rate and glucose (energy) production, decreases the production of fat, and suppresses hunger or cravings.

Phentramin-D™, unlike Phentermine, can be taken up to 3 months (only a couple of weeks for Phentermine). This assures greater weight loss.

However, Phentramin-D™ has only been introduced in 2007. This makes it lesser known than Phentermine. As a result, many doctors still prescribe Phentermine for their overweight patients. In fairness, if both are taken for a month, Phentermine is slightly more powerful weight-loss pill (a difference of 1 pound) — and it is aimed at patients who “need to lose weight fast” or else face dire consequences. But one needs to weigh that against the side effects.

With the ever increasing Internet use and the proliferation of social networking, more and more people are going to demand that weight loss pills be available through the web without prescription. This trend is going to tilt the playing field towards Phentramin-D™’s favor.

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