Phentermine Diet Pill Information and Review

Phentermine is a prescription weight loss medication that was first FDA approved in 1959 and is sold under brand names Ionamin and Adipex among others and as well as a generic version. It is by far the most popular diet pill and has enjoyed a great success rate for obese people who need to lose weight in the short term. But it is not available online ANYWHERE it is ILLEGAL, there is a Phentermine alternative that does have proven results Phentramin-D.

Read real customer reviews of Phentramin-D and look at the before and after photos to see the REAL RESULTS that this leading phentermine alternative has achieved

“All my friends can’t believe it is me”

“I decided to finally give Phentramin-D a try and I am sure glad I did. I have much more energy and not hungry at all. I watch my calories and exercise 4-5 times a week.With the Phentramin-D I just started to shed the pounds and I feel great. At work all my friends can’t believe it is me and how good I have done. It is worth a try for you to feel great and look great.”

“It’s amazing how this works!!!”

I have a major sweet tooth and it’s always a struggle around Halloween and Easter. I seriously cannot have chocolate in the house or it will be gone the same day. After I started taking this pill I no longer have the cravings and even better I feel so energized and so confident with myself in the success of my weight loss. I love this product and have already recommended it to all my friends!!-Angela Flanery

“It actually suppressed my appetite”

“I have tried so many diet pills and this is the first one that actually suppressed my appetite. Because I was now able to control the amount of food I ate, the pounds began to melt away. I lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks.”

“I didn’t think it would have the same effect as Phentermine”

“At first I was skeptical about taking Phentramin because I didn’t think it would have the same effect as Phentermine. Phentramin curbs my appetite, gives me more energy, helps me concentrate, especially when I’m under pressure. It also helps you get thirsty for water while taking Phentramin-d, which somehow intensifies and reacts to the chemistry of your body.Thanks to Phentramin-d, I’ve lost 20 pounds within three months.“

“I share this with all my friends, finally something that works!”

I am 41 and have struggled off and on with my weight and going through life changes has not helped. I have tried many diet pills and had spent hundreds of dollars on them. Since using Phentramin-D I have lost over 25 pounds and feel great, I share this with all my friends, finally something that works for women that have started life changes and the weight is such a struggle to take off and yet manage to keep it off… This product works and I am proof… WadeLaredo, TX

Common Phentermine Side Effects

As successful as the phentermine prescription diet pill is it can only be used for a short period of time as it carries with it many side effects that can be dangerous and at times fatal. or a safer solution try Phentramin-D

Common side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, irritability, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

Serious side effects can be irregular heartbeat, mood changes, uncontrolled muscle movements, sexual dysfunction, severe headache, muscle weakness, and blurred vision.

Possible fatal side effects include chest pain, difficulty breathing, seizure, fainting, swelling of the legs/feet, and swelling of the throat/tongue.

This is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Phentermine Online Scams

With its wide popularity Phentermine has a number of scams associated with it, the most notable being online pharmacies that claim to sell it without a prescription. Many websites claim that they will ship the real thing right to your door without a prescription and without ever needing to see a doctor, if you come across one of these websites it is best to leave right away because one a few things will become of this if you deal with them

  • They will ship counterfeit pills that are merely herbal supplements.
  • They will use credit card information to steal money/identity
  • Even if it is real it is illegal to purchase online in the United States and there is a strong possibility you could be prosecuted as the DEA is cracking down on online prescription drugs.
  • Use the fact that you are trying to purchase drugs online and pose as law enforcement for bribery purposes.

These are just some of the most common scams that are used, so if you really want prescription diet pills you need to see your doctor and get a prescription.

Phentermine Overview

While phentermine is a very successful weight loss pill it is only used for people classified as obese and then it is only used for a short period of time due to the many side effects and threat of addiction. Remember it is illegal to purchase online without a prescription so be wary of scam websites that tell you they sell the real thing.

While it continues to gain popularity, the fact remains that it cannot be purchased without a prescription and is not available online at all legally there are over the counter legal alternatives. Phentramin-D is the leading alternative to phentermine, it is not an herbal substitute it is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss pill that has enjoyed success and great results for quite some time.

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24 Responses

  1. Type your name says:

    I like the phentermine 37.5, I have lost about 20lbs. Since July, 2011. I have problems with insomnia. The doctor prescribed some sleeping pills, but it still does not help, anyone have any suggestions.

  2. Rhett says:

    If you take the med for a month yuo have to do a work out routine so you dont just take it to lose the pounds. I was getting close to 290 at 6 foot 2 after quitting smoking I put on 50 pounds. With a light diet and excercise and taking Phentrimine I managed to drop 45 pounds in a matter of 4 months which is the healthy way to do it. If you do more you will just put it back on if you do not stick to a routine.

  3. GettingHealthy says:

    I was completely obsessed with food and ate into oblivion – a terrible self-destructive behavior. I went to the doc, got my prescription and the very day that I started Phen, I completely lost interest in food. It’s been 2 months now and I can honestly say that I NEVER think about food – especially not in the way that I used to. Phen has given me the willpower to eat completely clean. I don’t eat processed carbs – only natural fruits, along with low fat proteins and lots of veggies. I have lost 25 pounds and feel amazing. I have been working out 5 times per week and can see muscle tone again!!! I am not worried about coming off of Phen. I now have the habits that will keep me on the right path. I’m getting off in 3 weeks and can’t wait, as my temper is really bad when I’m on Phen! (my poor Hubby, but he’s forgiving me because I’m more frisky now!)

  4. brandy ardon says:

    I started taking phentermin yesterday 09/20/2010 i got so much energy i was walking all over my building at then came down and then back again.i really did not feel hungry at all i worked 8 hours and came home and tried to eat and only could eat half a bowl of the Romain cup soup,i could not go to sleep.and my mouth felt like i could drink the ocean if i could.
    today i got up not hungry at all i drank a slim-fast for breakfast and went to work i worked 12 hours with no hunger at all very thirsty.a Lil headache.i feel like my stomach looks a Lil smaller.not sure i really cant wait what tomorrow brings.i really am tring hard to loose 150 lbs.i just wish someone could tell what is the best diet to eat on these things..

  5. V says:

    To all those that have gotten it Please tell me where i can purchase some for myself? I’ve purchased some online (last time was in 2007) however, I’m afraid to purchase them online now because I’m afraid of being scammed. Please give me info on where I could get REAL Phentermine. I’ve taken them in the past and they work great. I’ve never had a problem with them. thanks!!

  6. Elise says:

    I have been taking it for 1.5 week now. The first day was not pleasant. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing. However, I had SOO much energy for the rest of the day. I wake up at 4am and work out, eat some fruit and take the phentermine. So far I have lost 5lbs

  7. penny says:

    Hello its been two days since I have taken it,Im on this sight cause taking this pill realy scares me but, Im at least 80lbs over weight in my 30s so its like this take the pill hope for the best cause if not Im going to be taking so much more pills do to me be over weight and the have side effects too, but I am starting slow I have got permission to snap my pill in half so my body has a chance to get use to it, and its working great no side effects, I do fell less hungry and losts of energy good luck every one.

  8. Kyra says:

    it is the best weight loss pill I have ever taken. I have always been a yo-yoer. Never had a problem exercising…just fattening food cravings that kept me over weight. Phenertermine has given me more energy so my work outs are very effective…up to 1 hr cardio and light weights atleast 3 days a wk….and the food cravings have stopped. I never crave fast food. I never think about it now and I used to always want to stop for a burger and fries or order a pizza. I eat salads mostly, hardly any carbs…..and I don’t really get bored with it. Every now and then I crave carbs or something sweet and give in, but only because my body is starving for REAL sugar and fats. I eat half of what I used to. I can now walk around in my binki and feel good. I have never felt this good…but the 10th month mark is coming….doctors don’t like prescribing you this drug after this point. I’m worried I will gain the weight back. I feel I am addicted to this drug so be careful with it…I feel like I will do anything to get my hands on it once it’s taken away. The thought of gaining unwanted pounds and dealing with hunger pangs again suck…yeah I dont really get “pangs” anymore and it’s so awesome! That’s the main reason we over eat in the first place…but I just have an empty stomach most of the time and will fell some what sick to my stomach if I don’t eat…drinking a lot of water helps curb my appetite as well. Plus one of the side effects is “cotton mouth” so you crave water! Only problem with feeling addicted is your not suppose to take this drug long term b/c of the dangerous side effects. I do experience a rapid heart beat and can’t catch my breath at times….but to me it’s worth it rather than to be over weight. Good luck to you all, I hope this was helpful.

  9. Nikki says:

    I’ve been on the pill for about three days now. Day one was crazy for me and I wanted to stop taking it immediately. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing. I had so much energy til I was talking about 1000 words per minute. My co-workers were asking me what was wrong with me. Day two was a little better. I take my pill around eleven since I don’t get off work til six. Today, I took it and I’ve had a very bad headache since about 30 minutes after I took it. I don’t know what that’s all about, but I sure don’t like it. I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight in three days, but I’ll now by next week how much weight I’ve lost. I need to lose approximately 50lbs. so I hope this works. I’ve never had to use a diet pill before so when my doctor reccommended it I was kind of skeptical; then I say how many people were actually using this particular pill and getting results, so I’m fine with it now. Nevertheless it is good to know that so many people have experienced good results from this medication!

  10. Leigh Halloren says:

    I started Phentermine last April and the first month I lost 22lbs! For the first few months I took it every single day. I started to skip days to see how I would react. It is now a year later
    to the month and I have lost a total of 80lbs. The only side affects that I had was the cotton mouth and the fact that I couldn’t eat at all. But hey, the whole purpose of taking it is to loose weight.
    Now, my problem is I’m 142 lbs and by the BMI chart I am STILL over weight. My doctor will not prescribe it to me anymore. I am wondering if it can be ordered off line or if Alli will help me continue to loose the last 12lbs?Good luck to everyone that is trying it. I love it and would spend the money every month all over again if I had too..

  11. Noire says:

    I started my weight loss journey March 26th/2009 I gained over 100lbs when I quit smoking, I started at 255 lbs & 51″ on my waist, from March til December 2009 I lost roughly 40 lbs but I hit a plateau for a good 2-3 months in there, i was getting frustrated didn’t matter I was working out 60-90mins a day riding my bike, cardio, bootcamp, yoga (a lot of the biggest loser dvds) I was at the stinking plateau I was annoyed, I started seeing a new doctor since a old doc I had wasn’t helping, she had put me on a 20 carb a day diet with no rice pasta, bread or potatoes.. my body was starving! My new doc starting me on taking Phentermine started on January 8th/2010 he weighed me in at 211 lbs & 38″ waist.. it’s now April 2nd 2010 and I am down to 189 lbs & 34.5″ ~ My doc said he will NOT keep me on it for more than 10 months & he has me come in once a month to get checked in and be sure all is okay. I hope to reach my goal of 150 by mid summer, hope by that time I wont need it anymore and maintain my weight myself =)

  12. Kimberlie says:

    Love it! I used it for 6 1/2 months even though your not supposed to use it that long since addiction can happen. I did have cotton mouth but that subsided after a week, this pill is the only thing that has worked for me after many failed attempts to lose weight. I was using the 37.5 mg but they do have lower doses. If you do decide to take it, then you do have to make a change in other areas, like trying to eat better and do some kind of excercise, as in other posts I read you can’t expect a miracle. But even while taking this I did splurge once a week on fast food, but in moderation. This medication works by controlling your appetite and by speeding up your metabolism so your body is burning more calories then it normally does. I have never had any other side effects, and recommend it to people who really do want to lose weight, as long as you do not have high blood pressure. Oh and Coscto sell it for under $15, of course with a prescription, which is better then the $25 I was paying at CVS. Also even if you are not a Costco member you are able to buy any prescriptions there, they are sometimes cheaper then Wal-Mart! Good luck to all of you in whatever you do to lose weight.

  13. Boricua Bride says:

    I would like to know if there is any Contact Us link to ask questions? And also I would like to know if I can pay with a money order? Please answer me soon. A person who is taking these pill said had great results and 100% recommend the product. I would like to try it.

  14. Aniela Cespedes says:

    I have been taking phentermine for 2 months now an I LOVE IT!!! I have always had a problem with my weight and i had lost 50- 60 lbs once with exercise and water, but i wasn’t as heavy as i am now, in about 4 months. I just had a baby delivered by c- section and am still very sore and feel so heavy that exercise is just hard. So i found phentermine asked my doc about it and he prescribed it to me. I do not exercise and should defininately drink more water but i have lost 20 lbs. i am back to 208 and am going to start exercising again today to help lose more weight. I should mention that when i start to feel hungry i drink red bull and eat something light or healthy. I do cheat but have much more will power.

  15. Dee says:

    I think it is hard to rate something that I have only been taking since Feb 6th, but so far no complaints. In fact LOL, it brought back younger day memories. That is all I am going to say about that.
    I am sure I have lost something just not sure how much yet. Spend a lot of time running to the bathroom… Lol.. no one can go to the bathroom as many times as I do an NOT lose something.
    I do have to say, being middle aged (can’t believe I said that) I have physically and emotionally in a funk if you will. Having a hard time getting up in the morning, wanting to go back to bed, almost depression I guess. But NOW…. I wake up 5:30 6:00 because I want to, get somethings done, have engery to want to do more. My emotional outlook seems to be coming back. That means alot to me.

    Now I have a question. The doctor has me on a 1200 (diabetic diet, I am not diabetic for my size which is amazing) a day. This meal plan consist of 6 servings of starches a day, which when I am trying to lose weight I usually eat low carb and this new meal plan I am suppose to only eat 4oz meat a day! WOW… is that enough?

    Okay now the question, has anyone tried using the Phenetermine while eating a low, low carb diet and exercise. Meaning only fresh veggies and later on adding fruit eliminating starches? When I truly start with Atkins, and move into the South Beach way of eating, I feel good. I just could not mentally start it again. I needed help.

    Thank you for sharing

  16. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love this pill…i had a baby 2 years ago and and i gained 60lbs while i was pregnant…and after the baby i tried everything to get it off and nothing helped….i have only been on this 3 days and i have lost 8lbs…which i know most of it is water but it still motivates me a lot!!!!!!!!! I started at 188 on 2/21/09 and on 2/23/09 i weigh 180…i take mine about noon time and it helps so much..i work as a nurses aid in a nursing home doing the 3-11 shift and i have so much energy…..i do have cotton mouth but as long as i drink water like crazy i think ill be OK…cant wait for swimsuit time!!!!!!!my goal is 140 by summer so hopefully i can make it!!!!good luck to y’all!!!!!

  17. Suzanne says:

    I started taking Phentermine 2 weeks ago, and it has really helped me control my eating. I am a nurse, active and consider myself healthy, however I needed something to jump start my health program and help me control eating. After reading a lot of the reviews, I am sorry to say I wish you couldn’t get this drug online with out required education about the drug and your health. This drug does suppress your appetite and helps boost energy; HOWEVER you cannot just stop eating while you are taking the drug and plan to KEEP the weight off! If you strave your body, whether you FEEL hungery or not, your body is going to hold onto those few calories it is getting and your metabolism is going to sink to nothing. Your body HAS to be fed and fueled, no matter what your weight is. This is NOT a miracle pill, you cannot sit on the couch and be un healthy and pop a pill and expect a miracle. For your own good and your own health, please educate yourself on good eating habits and exercise, even it is just walking around the block a few times. The idea of popping a pill and expecting to be “healthy” does not exist. I wish you all good efforts in being healthy and healthy weight loss!

  18. Robbin says:

    I started taking Phentermine on 10/03/09. I took it right before I left the Doctor’s office. By the time I arrived home (about 20 minutes) I was so full of energy, I went outside and cleaned out my shed. That is a project I had been putting off for quit some time. I finally had the energy to get off my lazy behind and do it. I wasn’t hungry all day and had to make myself eat. The only side affect, if it was one, was that I had a major headache. That could have been caffeine withdrawals though. (I had decided to cut of the diet soda’s I seem to have been living on).

    That was on Saturday. On Sunday, I didn’t have near the energy, but I still felt good, peppy you might say, and still not hungry. I take medicine for acid reflux and didn’t need to take it all weekend. That has to be a good sign. I also have RLS, and take meds twice a day for that. I had so much energy that I didn’t sit still for very long, so I didn’t take the daytime med. That was a mistake, because when I did finally rest, my legs and arms were restless. Maybe because I needed the meds to regulate the imbalance. So for the first two night I had trouble sleeping. Could have been not taking my meds or the phentermine. I don’t really know, but all is well now. I take both just to be safe.

    The Dr. put me on a 1400 cal a day diet, I’m not supposed to call it a diet, but what else do you call your eating allowance, whether it be 2000 or 1000 cal a day, it’s some kind of diet. Anyway, I have had trouble even getting to 1000 cal a day. I eat all three meals, and even have a snack or two every day. But, I now choose healthy foods and usually only end up eating half of what put on my plate. I drink lots and lots of water every day. Mainly because of the cotton mouth, but its help satiate my appetite too, and my skin looks better than ever from all the water. That’s a plus too. I do try to exercise a few times a week too.

    So today is my 6th day on the pills and as of yesterday morning I had lost 11 lbs. Yesterday afternoon I got my monthly visitor and when I weighed this morning I had gained 2.3 of those lbs. back. I’m pretty sure it’s just the visitor and those along with more lbs. will be gone by this time next week. Or at least they had better be…

    I’m sorry this has been such a long review. But I really had more to say about this product., but spared you the torture of me rambling on more that I already have. I am very happy so far and will update next week after my visitor leaves. I wish everyone the best of luck.

  19. thinnerme says:


    I am on a 800-1000 caloried diet per my doctor (medifast) and I also take 37.5 Phentermine (under doctor’s care). I like Medifast b/c after the 1st week I no longer crave food, but know that I have to eat to fuel my body. And having the Pnentermine helps me with any cravings–which are mainly out of boredom, etc. (unfortunately, I think I’d be considered middleaged too)YIKES.

    I find that the Phentermine is not as good as it used to be. The very best manufacturer was in New Jersey but that facility closed down. I now go to a weight loss clinic that does their own compound and that seems to work for me.

    I do KNOW Phen works as I lost 27 pounds in 3 months–with watching what I ate, (became a vegetarian)…no fast foods, drinking 6 glasses of water a day and exercising at least 30 minutes. I kept this weight off for 9 years b/c i changed my eating habits! And it was great. Then I became pregnant and gained a whopping amt of weight and now that I am older, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things..but I’m working on it.

    Good luck to you!

  20. letosha says:

    i been on this pill for 7 days gives me lots of energy and helps with my apptiet
    side affect dry mouth i havent weighed my self yet. im also on the speacial k challenge drink lot of water keep posted on how its going.

  21. Abby says:

    I am excited to know that this medicine has worked for so many people. I’m going on it today!!! only have 25 pounds to loose so I hope that by my baby’s birthday in March I’ll look much better! WISH ME LUCK!

  22. AL says:

    Phentermine is the single best diet pill out there in my opinion! I tried everything to lose weight before I found it. However for me, I only need the 15mg daily to get the maximum appetite control. Any more than this and I start to get side effects; after all it is a very powerful pill! I have never known anything to completely wipe out my appetite like phentermine does! I lost 17 pounds in 10 weeks on it and I feel great every day!

  23. ANETTE says:

    I have been off and on with this drug. I took it about 6 mths ago and I lost like 20 lbs in my first 2 weeks. I recently went back to the doctor and got my script refilled. Just wanted to say for the people that have all the cotton mouth, YOU’RE NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER. I drink water CONSTANTLY when I take this and don’t have a problem with dry mouth at all. I have also been drinking unsweetened green tea like crazy. I’m going to the Bahamas at the end of January and I refuse to go looking like a beach whale. I’ll keep everyone informed on my success. =)

  1. September 30, 2011

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