Phentramin-d is a well established over the counter diet pill phentramin-dthat has enjoyed tremendous success. Look through our customer reviews of Phentramin-D and the before and after photos to see the REAL RESULTS that this leading phentermine alternative has achieved

This pharmacological diet pill is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-Approved Laboratory using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and processing techniques.

Phentramin-d Helps You Lose Weight

TIP – No Rx Needed

You can buy Phentramin-d without a prescription. It’s safe and legal to buy online.

Start losing weight this week by ordering now.

  • Experience More Energy
    Phentramin-D produces its users with a significant boost in their natural energy levels. Getting into a regular exercise routine is highly recommended and lack of energy is no longer an excuse that can be used to keep procrastinating.
  • Eat Less Often
    Phentramin-D suppresses your appetite, making you eat less often. This give the weight loss results a little push forward to get you going on the journey to weight loss success.
  • Get The Healthy Lifestyle You Need
    Phentramin-D provides you with a healthy balance and also encourages you to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Not only will you feel better, but the pounds will slide right off!
  • Don’t Break The Bank
    Being overweight isn’t a choice that we make. We can only fix it by getting a strong weight loss drug such as Phentramin-D and incorporate a healthy lifestyle to encourage weight loss.

Therefore, we shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to get the weight loss results that are so critical to us moving forward in a healthier manner. Actually there’s a special on the Fastest Results Package for $157 with FREE Rush Shipping. Cool!

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Phentramin-d (1 month) $14.95 $67 no discount order
Phentramin-d (2 months) $14.95 $127 Save $7 order
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Phentramin-d (6 months) FREE $314 Save $88 order
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“It has been almost 4 months and I am down 27 pounds!”

krista phentramin-d success krista phentramin-d success

Hey Ian, I’m Alexandria from Carson City, NV. I want to share my weight loss story with you that Phentramin-D helped make possible. I weighed 225 about 4 months ago. Once I started taking Phentramin-D, I was able to lose 27 pounds! I have tried everything and beyond to lose the weight that i gained with my two beautiful daughters. I found out about Phentramin-D and I thought well might as well try it since there is really nothing to lose. I did and within the first week I lost 3 pounds. Now it has been almost 4 months and I am down 27 pounds!!! I have never been so excited! I plan on getting down to at least 170 by the summer time. If you are like me, you are thinking, “oh yea riiight!” Oh no, I am so not kidding, this works and makes you feel good about yourself! Try it out!

Phentramin-d Ingredients

Proprietary Formulation containing 198mg*

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, Methel-Phenylethylamine and Synephrine Hydrochloride

Benefits of Taking Phentramin-D

I’m writing here to give you the info you need to make an educated decision.

Phentramin-D reduces the costs associated with most effective weight loss medications (doctor visit, etc.), it can be purchased online resulting in quicker acquisition of a weight loss med, and you will feel better than you have for a VERY long time.

Sure, you’re going to feel like a kid again as you shed off those extra pounds that have not only been weighing you down physically, but emotionally as well.

Phentramin-d Side Effects

2 Side Effects

  • Mild headache
  • Difficulty falling asleep

How to avoid headaches:

Phen-d boosts your metabolism, so you use more water in day. Drink more water to avoid mild headache.

Difficulty falling asleep normally occurs within the first 5 days only.

Conclusion: Minor side effects, much safer than phentermine.

You’ve read this far so you’re pretty dedicated to your health. 🙂

We’ve noticed minor side effects including mild headache and difficulty falling asleep in the first 5 days.

If you ever took Phentermine that’s an awesome trade instead of the harmful side effects of Phentermine and other prescription medications such as Didrex, Meridia, and Phendimetrazine.

How Phentramin-D Adds Up

We tested it and that’s cool but the truth is out… People are talking and most customers are losing around 10 pounds per month. Some people don’t and they get their money back fast. So the success rate is GREAT, and if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to pay for it… I think that’s awesome so I’m happy to recommend this product to you. 🙂

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44 Responses

  1. vidhya says:

    I’m really happy with Phentramin D so far.

  2. siss says:

    I ordered today Phentramin D hope this will work I need to loose 15 kg in 3 months

  3. John says:

    Been on it for a couple of weeks, less appetite and more energy

  4. Anna says:

    So far so good!

  5. ashley says:

    (Real Review) i have been on this phentramin-d for 4 days and it has really surpressed my hunger,i am not craving sweets anymore and i have the enery to exercise 2 x’s a day. wow! trying to loose 20 lbs by wedding in feb. i have lost inches but not lbs yet. will keep u updated.

  6. Kaminka says:

    Well, I had it with my weightgain! So today, I placed my ordered for Phen-d. I have great hope for this product and if it works, I will tell others and will post another comment to this site as well. . .

  7. Breda says:

    I am 90lb over weight, on Phen-d 11 days so far eating one meal per day, rest of day not hungry and great energy!! Haven’t weighted myself yet (too afraid to see the scales) hope to lose 14 pound in a month so another 17 days to go. If I lose 14 pounds i will definetley be back to update you. Fingers crossed!!! I have never been overweight i am 36 and just had a baby! I hope these work longterm going to get all this weight off if only to get 40lb off that will give me the kick start i need to get the rest off..

  8. Karl Webster says:

    Hi I am looking for the best and I think that I have found it with phen-d
    Have you had any trouble with getting into Australia.
    I must know as i have had trouble with other products that are similar

  9. patty says:


    Hope this works for me

  10. whitnee says:

    I ordered mine today! I am 155 and hope to loose about 20 pounds or so, so I am hoping this will not be a waste of my money! I have tried a few diet pills in the past that didn’t help me get to where i wanted to be so wish me luck!

  11. Tmason123 says:

    Ok I’ve been on phentramin since thursday the 22. Today is the 27th. I started at 140lbs and now I weigh 130… I eat no fatty foods and no sugar.. I do zumba almost everyday, sometimes twice a day! I love it and have no CRAZY side effects! The only thing is Dry mouth, but that makes me wanna drink more water so thats good!!! So far I love it!

  12. Shiona says:

    Hi there,,
    i ready want to try this… do they ship it to South Africa Cape Town??? and do you then pay for shipping?

  13. Melanie says:

    Working out and eating right while taking Phen-D. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. No side effects and sleeping just fine at night. I do have to remind myself to eat as I have no appetite since taking Phen-D.

  14. liz says:

    I’ve used phentramin-d for about two weeks. i have lost some weight, and it does work! the only problem i have is: yeah it will suppress your appetite for about an hour after you take it, after that, i feel like i’ starving, as if i were even more hungry than before. i feel that it may be because i’m athletic.. and need more calories to maintain how much i workout. (close to two hours, 5-7 times a week) does it effect anyone else this way?

  15. Kristen says:

    I used to take phentermine back in Highschool. I lost health insurance and quit taking it and started college and became super stressed out. Now I’ve gained back all the weight I lost. I ordered my phentramin-d yesterday and I can’t wait for it to get here.

  16. kELLY g says:


  17. Sarah says:

    I just ordered phentramin-d online waiting for them to come in… hope it works. I used to take the Dr. kind and it worked great!!! i hope these will work to!

  18. Katie Hughes says:

    I have used phentermine before and am wanting to give this a try.

  19. monica says:

    i think im going to try these. i was going to order the phentermine 37.5 for $300.00 for a 90 day supply, but i think i will give these a try first. i sure hope they work for me!!!

  20. Rami says:

    Do you ship it to Saudi Arabia ?
    How much time it takes to deliver ?

  21. Lisa says:

    Are these comments real? I’m doing a test here to see for myself. If this goes to comments and I see these great comments are for real then I will order a bottle and try it. Thanks

  22. johnpitter says:

    I’ve been taking this supplement for about 8 months. I lost 60 pounds but also dieted vigorously and exercised regularly at the gym on the treadmill for 35 minutes. This product is works best but, it only works with diet and exercise.

  23. consumer lady says:

    I do not mean to give such a low rating but the thing is.. I havent lost any weight taking Phentermin-d. I do not understand why given all the positive reviews. I ordered 2 bottles that arrived about 5 days ago. I think maybe the reason it’s not showing me any results is because I never ate all that much to begin with. I realize you have to eat breakfast and small portions at meal time, which I have been doing. I have also added exercise to my regimen.. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why I am not seeing anything on my weight scale. Do I need to take something along with this Phentermin-d ? This stuff was not cheap and for what I’ve seen so far, I am not so sure I will be ordering it again. I do not know if it’s because I am in my mid 40’s and in menopause if this has anything to do with it. I am not a couch potato. I am not ’starving’ for the most part of my morning or afternoon.. my problem is I get hungry at night time. Even then, I do not eat junk food.. I eat vegetables, and chicken and whole grain foods, or a bowl of cheerios with low fat milk. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I realize everybody is different, but after 5 days, I would have thought I’d lose at least a pound. Why am I not seeing any results?

  24. consumer says:

    I’ve been on Phentramin-d for a month and a half, I feel the only thing working for me is the energy boost that’s it! I dont have any less of an appetite then I did before, that really disappoints me. I was on Phentermine from the Dr. 37.5mg and I lost 20lbs in two months and that did decrease my appetite and I didn’t eat as much as I do know because I felt full. I’m not very impressed of pleased with this product t and have requested my 150.00 back they gave me some line of crap I have to wait the three months some money back guarantee. Bottom line.. this product didn’t work for me and I just want my money back.

  25. nitaK says:

    It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 7 lbs. I was wondering why I wasted time searching for reasons not to use it…anyways, my research on the Phentramin D has removed all my doubts and I can see the results for myself…it works and I love it..

  26. cara says:


  27. Amy says:

    only on day 4 so have not weighed myself yet but really does kill my hunger so that is great since i am an emotional eater! thanks. i am sensitive ti stimulants but can take this no problem

  28. Lynne says:

    I purchased the product one month ago, I have lost 12 pounds. I have not reordered yet. I am hoping I continue to loose weight!!!

  29. Sue says:

    I have lost 10 pounds so far, I have been taking the pills for 4 weeks. I feel great!!!

  30. consumer lady says:

    My husband and I both needed to lose weight so we started taking Phentramin-D, after being hesitant about diet pills (and not trusting the internet) I found this website, we ordered, UPS dropped off our package 2 days later and we started them the next day. That was a little over a week ago and we have both lost 9 lbs each so far. And thats only 9 days!!! I have no complaints on this product so far. The first day I had a little jitter and dry mouth but after that first day everything has been great. I slept fine everynight except when I took one at 4 in the afternoon. I cant wait to get to my goal weight. Only 14 more pounds to go for me.

  31. Sara says:

    Phentramin-D came in 2 days after ordering, We started it the next day and 4 days later I have only lost 2 lbs but I am not done yet! I H It really does help with appetite suppression, The first day we experienced some dry mouth but no jitters!!

  32. Bo says:

    Works ok but not as good as real stuff. Adipex was the best. Too bad you can not get it online.

  33. John says:

    This is how I started. About a year I did some research about diet pills and gave up. The way I look up at information is by reading forums and some reviews. I usually utilize yahoo answer in order to see what are people’s feedback.
    Anyways few weeks ago as I was reading some forums I came up with Phentramin D.
    I read forums reviews and looked on yahoo answer and people had great experience and result so i decided to give a try.
    it was a week ago Jan 20th when received my 3 bottles. I started very strict diet as well meaning I am eating only healthy whole grain, wheat, turkey, chicken breast no junk food ( i never ate junk food or sweets).
    My appetite was suppressed big time !!!! I started eating few times a day and I started feeling full after few bites so I love this pill it does really work.
    I only have to put some times to go to gym in order to see result much quicker !
    By the way I lost 6 lbs first week !

  34. Kathy says:

    I have been taking Phen-d since January 25th. I have lost 10 pounds, but was hoping for more. Maybe I haven’t had enough calories, because it really does kill my appetite. I exercise and eat a balanced diet. I guess some lost is better than none lost. I will stick with it and finish what pills I have left, but not sure I will purchase again. I have had NO side effects with this pill (unless you count appetite suppressant).

  35. Kimberlie says:

    Ok well I am hoping this works! I ordered 3 bottles last night! I have been on phentermine in the past and lost 64 pounds in 6 1/2 months but I did workout some and did change my eating habits, it really helped. I have been off phentermine for 2 months and am doing the same things but am not losing any weight so I hope this works as good as the phentermine did!I have 22 pounds to go before being at my goal weight in time for my B-day in June so c’mon phentermine-d! lol

  36. Darla says:

    I am glad that I found Phentramin-d. In the past I have tried weight loss pills and nothing has worked since Xenadrine RFA-1 until now. I do not raid the refrigerator when I walk in the door after work any more. I lost 7 pounds so far in the past 3.5 weeks. I have so much better control over cravings and I am well on my way to being at my goal weight!

  37. Jennifer says:

    It’s only been 5 days but I’ve lost 3 pounds! I am so excited! The only thing is that I take 2 pills in the morning, instead of 1, and don’t feel as hungry for the rest of the day. I have a high tolerance to stims but this works for me. My mother also take it and she takes 1 the whole day and has reduced her cravings alot. I am already considering buying more.

  38. Samantha says:

    I have been taking Phentramin-D for a week and 3 days, so far I haven’t lost any weight. I am a 23 year old female. 5′ 6” and 180. I just had my second daughter a month ago. My target weight is 130 lbs. & I need to loose the weight before the end of October because I am in the military and will be at risk of getting discharged if I remain over weight. I was wondering how lond it take for this stuff to start working cause I do not feel any different, except that I am up all night.

  39. Nikki says:

    I have lost 5 pounds in 10 days! Phen-D is the best thing ever! I have tried a lot of other diet pills and nothing has given me the appetite control like phen-d has! Its amazing! I completely recommend this pill to people who are willing to make some healthy changes by including exercise and eating healthier. Those looking for a lifestyle change – rather than a quick fix. This pill delivers what it promised and I am looking forward to even better results!

    I have experienced absolutely no side effects so far in the past 10 days and love the amazing and encouraging results!

  40. Michelle says:

    Great! Got my appetitie under control in less than a week and lost 10 pounds in 2! Worth


  41. Leigh says:

    I started phentramin-D 3 weeks ago and I already lost 9lbs of fat. I can see a difference in the mirror and if I keep it up I’ll be going to old navy for new pants!

  42. bbgirl says:

    I’m really happy with Phentramin D so far. I lost 24 pounds since I started in november – halfway to my goal! The energy is great too

  43. Grace says:

    working for me 14lbs november

  44. ESTHER says:

    great product !!!! Helps with weight loss . great results .dont expect to lose weight by a pill alone ! if you want to be atractive enough you will also put in the effort of eating better and excersing . there is NO such thing as an overnight solution and YOU MUST put in some typr of effort other then popping 2 pills a day . dont order his product if you will not eat well or excersise . i ordered over a year ago and lost 40 lbs in 2 months but i worked VERY hard ! i let myself get back into bad eating habits and not excersing and here i am ordering the product again with a vow to change my LIFESTYLE!