Phentramin FAQ

Phentramin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Phentramin is an herbal weight loss supplement which used to dominate the online weight loss market when it was first introduced. However, it was later dominated by sophisticated over-the-counter weight loss drugs such as Phentramin-D.

We do respect Phentramin to an extent and with that said present you with a Phentramin FAQ.

What are the ingredients in Phentramin?

There is a wide variety of ingredients contained within Phentramin. However, since it’s a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, what’s really in it is hard for us to say honestly.

How does Phentramin help you lose weight?

Phentramin is supposed to not only flush fatty acids out of your body, but it’s also supposed to make weight loss management easier. Whether this works or not is in the wind since we receive many contradictive success stories as well as fail stories.

Is Phentramin safe to take?

There has been a few times when side effects occurred while taking Phentramin, but it’s safe for the most part considering it’s ingredients are all-natural.

Is Phentramin FDA approved?

Phentramin has been FDA approved in the past since it’s a natural weight loss supplement.

Why are there so many Phentramin warnings online?

Finding Phentramin that actually gets the job done is next to impossible when we factor in all of the reviews emailed to us by former Phentramin users who lost nothing but a little money they used to purchase Phentramin.

How much weight can I lose with Phentramin?

This is completely up to you as you need to eat healthy and work out regularly in order to experience the slightest weight loss results. Since Phentramin is a weaker weight loss supplement made of natural ingredients, the amount is going to be low without a doubt.

How much is Phentramin?

We won’t disclose the price here as we won’t recommend Phentramin. It has been proven as a waste of money to many weight loss medication consumers who have taken the time to contact us here at PhenForum.

What’s the best Phentramin alternative?

When it comes to Phentramin alternatives, you may be surprised to find out that there’s hundreds if not thousands of weight loss medications which can be easily bought online without a prescription.

The one that doctors and consumers seem to have the highest success rate with is Phentramin-D which packs more power than Phentramin could only dream of ever having.