Pointers on How to Control Hunger

Controlling one’s hunger or appetite is doable, but some people just can’t seem to battle their way to do so. Many people are in fact out to munch just about any food they can get whenever they feel sad or bored. In fact, a number of obese individuals are those who eat a lot to compensate for the negative feelings they have. On the other hand, some people simply love to eat. The sight of food makes them feel hungry despite the fact that they had just eaten. These eating habits aren’t healthy, and definitely need to be controlled or managed.

Some people want to go natural in controlling their hunger, while others need the aid of an appetite suppressant medication such as Phentramin-D, a pharmaceutical-grade chemical developed to inhibit hunger for a maximum of eight hours. There are also natural or herbal remedies for controlling hunger, and they are deemed safer than chemical based. However, the FDA is somewhat lenient on evaluating herbal and natural drugs as compared with prescribed substances. The best way to know if a medication is safe to use is to consult a doctor, and not totally rely on the fact that it is made of herbal or natural ingredients.

To effectively control hunger, never skip meals, particularly breakfast. Some people find it better to control their appetite by eating three large meals a day, while others prefer to eat small

meals throughout the day. During meal time, choose lean meat, fiber-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts and yogurt and avoid sodas and junk foods. Drinking water before each meal also makes one feel full, thereby discouraging eating plenty during meals. Hoodia and green tea are also known for their appetite suppressing properties, and are highly available over-the-counter.

If the person binges because he feels sad or bored, he should find ways to divert his attention. It helps to go outdoors and get some fresh air by walking the dogs, taking a stroll, or driving with the windows open to the country side. If there is enough time for a vacation, this is the best time to relax. Getting enough sleep is also an effective way of controlling hunger, as this helps in maintaining the healthy condition of the body, removing stress and tiredness.

Controlling hunger can be done with or without taking any appetite suppressant. But it cannot be denied that many people benefit from using medications to control their hunger. It is however important to note that if the person where taking Phentramin-D or other appetite suppressants, it is important to never do away with proper food intake and regular exercise. These two further enhances the positive outcomes of the medication, and more importantly are essential in attaining good health.

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