Tenuate Diet Pills

Tenuate Diet Pills

Tenuate diet pills have become a quite popular weight loss medication, but what many fail to realize despite shady websites saying otherwise, you can no long obtain Tenuate diet pills without a prescription.

O’rly? What happened?

Well, the DEA got involved after there was an increasing number of drug addicts who were abusing weight loss medications such as Tenuate which worked similar to meth, but could be obtained online without a prescription.

This led to a series of unpleasant happenings and the DEA ended up cracking down on a ton of over-the-counter weight loss medications which just happened to be sold online.

Tenuate was one of the targets during this era and ended up becoming one of the weight loss meds taken off of the market and placed into pharmacies with a new classification being a highly controlled narcotic whose distribution shall be strictly monitored.

Wow, that’s serious!

Yea, but hang tight there buddy, we’re not finished with you just this minute. 😉 Not only was Tenuate discovered to be a highly addictive amphetamine, many lack of clinical trials and saturation of harmful side effects made it an even bigger liability risk to even prescribe to weight loss patients.

Seriously? Do I have a choice here?

Well, you do and one of those choice happens to be one particular weight loss drug we have dealt with for years, which is formally known as Phentramin-D.

It carries the capability of being a highly potent weight loss medication that increases energy and burns off fat quickly without all of the junky side effects that prescription weight loss medications usually come with.

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