Tenuate vs Phentramin-d

Tenuate vs Phentramin-D

Tenuate is a prescription weight loss medication which claims to provide appetite suppression and an energy boost at the same time in order to help enhance a healthy weight loss plan.

Phentramin-D is similar to Tenuate except that it can be purchased online without having to get a prescription for it from your doctor, eliminating high costs and the hassles of rushing to the doc’s office.

These two different weight loss medications have come a long ways in the weight loss industry and it actually provides a great opportunity for PhenForum to touch on two very popular weight loss meds in a side-by-side comparison.

Starting It Off With Tenuate

Tenuate is a prescription weight loss medication which has a history of some rather unpleasant as well as harmful side effects that only affected the user while consuming this weight loss medication on a daily basis.

Now, it may be a power weight loss medication, but it’s also addicting and can lead towards your body becoming dependent upon this drug in particular.

Not to mention, there is a higher cost involved once you bring the doctor and pharmacy into the mix. Not to mention, a lot more that you have to get out and do in a particular day just to attempt a successful weight loss journey.

Moving On With Phentramin-D

Phentramin-D is an over-the-counter weight loss medication which can be purchase online at affordable prices, carrying some sort of a guarantee or trial of some sort.

Now, you do get the same weight loss results that many prescription weight loss pills provide, except Phentramin-D is much safe and more affordable. Not to mention, it has plenty of documentation to serve as evidence of all of the Phentramin-D claims.

Needless to say, Phentramin-D beats Tenuate any day of the week!