Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

The feasting season has officially begun. Now that you have survived the temptations of Halloween, it is time to turn our attention to the common overindulgence of Thanksgiving Day. This day in particular has become one in which we allow and even encourage ourselves to overeat to the point of gluttony. The average American consumes approximately 3,500 calories in a single meal on Thanksgiving Day. If this has become the norm, you do not have to conform. There are several things to keep in mind as you approach Thanksgiving that will help you to avoid the overconsumption and the extra pounds that will most certainly follow. While actual weight loss may not happen, weight maintenance most certainly is not that difficult.
Whether you are the host/hostess or a guest for Thanksgiving dinner, do not fast in order to indulge later. This will only cause you to overeat in order to compensate for starving all day long. Make sure you eat a light breakfast and even a healthy snack before the big meal of the day. When it comes to hor d’oevres, choose the fresh veggies with no dip. If that isn’t available, only take one item at a time, move away from the table of snacks to the other side of the room, enjoy it, and spend time with family and friends. Chances are you will become busy mingling and your mind will be taken off of the additional treats you have left behind.
Stay active both before and after dinner. While waiting for dinner to be served, organize a family game of touch football in the yard or recruit family and friends to help you walk the dogs. After dinner, never give in to the tryptophan sleepiness associated with turkey consumption. After dinner is over, take a brisk walk with a family member or friend that you haven’t had a chance to catch up with during the earlier part of the day.
Wear tight fitting clothes to the table (no elastic waist bands allowed!), and do not loosen your belt. This will make it uncomfortable for you to overeat! Sometimes we need a physical reminder! Also, when you are making your plate, look over all of the choices available first. Decide which items are the ones you absolutely cannot go without. Take small servings of those things. Don’t fill your plate with the ordinary foods of the year regardless of how much you enjoy them. The holiday foods are those that you generally only get to enjoy once a year, so enjoy them! Don’t deprive yourself; just eat smaller portions of each. It only takes 2-3 bites of a delicious food to satisfy your taste buds. Take those bites slowly, put your fork down between each one, and truly savor the flavors.
Finally, if you don’t think you can control yourself at a family or friend gathering, spend the day volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter serving the needy. Not only will you expend energy and calories, you will feel great about the way you have spent your time, you will make new friends and acquaintances, and you will eat last! You may even be entirely too tired to overeat.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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