The war on flab

Obesity, is a big-time global menace. There are now more than 1.5 billion obese people around the world — more than one-and-a–half times the number of those not getting enough food. In the US, already one-in–three adults are either overweight or obese, and close to three-fourths of the population, including children, suffer from the epidemic. That translates to around $117 billion in medical costs and economic loss — $61 billion of that in direct costs.

As they say, one man’s loss is another man’s profit so let’s look into the bright side of things — the anti-obesity industry is experiencing a boom. If America is fighting a War on Terror, it is also fighting a War on Flab. Which could help fight unemployment. Think of the jobs the War on Flab can generate — as Market so emphatically states:

“More than 100 million people in the United States are actively involved in a weight loss or weight management plan at any one time throughout the year. This suggests a demand for products and services which will continue for years to come.”

Emphasis on “years to come.” Michelle Obama has sworn to eradicate obesity “in a generation.” If one generation equals 20 years, think how much more the $1.4 billion prescription anti-obesity market alone has in terms of prospective growth.

The fast-food industry has been cited as a huge factor in the fatification of America — but there’s a glimmer of hope. Governments are starting to engage all sectors in “responsibility deals.” Last year, the British government involved the likes of McDonald’s, KFC, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Unilever, among others together with consumer groups and organizations with a public health interest, to take part in writing government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease.

Admittedly this has been likened to letting the fox guard the henhouse, but there’s no denying every sector is concerned about the fat epidemic.

Now the good news is it’s easy to join the War on Flab. It’s a two-step process.

Step one, the fastest and safest way to lose weight (in a month or so) is to take the safest non-prescription weight-loss pill, Phentramin-D™. It’s designed to mimic the effects of the most prescribed weight-loss pill, Phentermine, without the dangerous crystal-meth-like side effects. Step two, once weight has been reduced to ideal levels, maintain that weight by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and proper exercise. The first step is easy. The second is hard. But whoever said winning wars is easy?

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