Weight Loss and Workouts

Weight Loss and Workouts: Make it Fun!
If you are ANYTHING at all like me, you loathe exercise or the dreaded “workout.” I am here to offer you some workout choices that will appeal to your sense of fun. These options appeal to your interests. They give you insight to the activities that you already enjoy, and in participating in them, you can further your quest to learn how to lose weight!
Be a Kid!
Remember all of those things we loved as kids? Well, most of them had cardio workout aspects, which is why most kids way back when were pretty physically fit. Try some of those things that made you smile when you were a little kid. Let that little kid who still resides in your heart loose!
• Play Hopscotch! All you need is a sidewalk, a piece of chalk, and a stone. I know, I haven’t seen a kid play this in a long time either, but I still remember it being great fun for hours!
• Jump rope! I double dare you. Remember double jump rope? Recruit a couple of your friends to be the rope turners. Have someone do doubles with you!
• Get on the tramp. There wasn’t anything more fun than propelling yourself into the air over and over again on that trampoline outside. Forget that little tiny indoor tramp. Get out there and jump!! Watching the movie Big with Tom Hanks may get you back in the spirit!
• Play Twister. Remember the big spots? Putting yourself in those strange positions and having to hold them while everyone else takes his/her turn is a great workout!
• Wii Sports. Okay, this is a more modern one, but most of these provide a wonderful workout, can involve the whole family, and are loads of fun!
For the Animal Lover!
Do you have dogs? They are the ultimate workout buddies!
• Take your dogs for a walk. I myself have 7 dogs. It could take me all day long to walk them all!
• If you don’t have a dog, but love animals, consider volunteering to be a dog walker at your local shelter. Not only will you be getting a physical workout, you will be helping a homeless dog to have an enjoyable experience and will be contributing to a great cause!
• Take your dog to a fitness class. Dogs with higher energy love, love, love agility classes. In training your dog in agility, you may become more agile yourself.
• Okay, this one has nothing to do with dogs, but if you enjoy horseback riding, go often. I once had a doctor tell me that this wasn’t exercise. He obviously had never, ever been on a horse!
Everyone loves to dance (even if they don’t admit it!). Whether you are cleaning the house (which in and of itself can be a great workout), doing yard work (another workout I am not fond of!), participating in an aerobics or belly dancing class, or just alone in the house, put on some music! Stick in those ear buds, crank up the music, and dance, dance, dance! It will make you smile and will provide one heck of a workout!
The point is that workouts do NOT have to involve putting on exercise clothing and going to a gym or running miles or doing sit-ups. The things that you already enjoy, have enjoyed in the past and forgotten about, or the things that you would like to try can provide a great workout regime. Think outside of the box, be creative…just move!!

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