Weight Loss Tips – Recovering From the Holidays

The holidays are notorious for overeating, and gaining weight. Big feasts, parties with lots of snacks and tons of tasty pies, cakes and cookies offer temptation that most of us can’t resist. The holidays are just about over, and it’s time to look forward to your continued weight loss success!

Avoid worrying about what you did or what you ate through the holiday season. Did you slip on your diet? It’s OK! Did you slack on your workouts? That’s OK too! The New Year is a time for renewal and rebirth; in this case, the renewal of your commitment and the rebirth of your healthier self.

The first step to recovering from the holidays is to understand that

the past is over and done with; leave the guilt behind. Forgive and forget, as they say. You can’t do anything about what happened in the past, only what happens from here on out. If you have any leftover pies, cakes, cookies or any other high calorie foods, get rid of them! The goal is to be completely finished with temptation, so get it out of your house.

The second step to recovering from the holidays is to resume watching what you eat. Eat healthy snacks, drink more water and less sodas and alcohol, and eat less food more often. Getting yourself back on track with your dietary routine will help you feel better about yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you ate too much at the family get-together. That’s over and done with; simply move on, and recommit yourself to your original plans.

Next, resume your workout schedule. You may want to reevaluate your original plan, to make sure it was working for you. Had you been losing weight with your previous routine? Was it easy to stick to your plan, or did life (or your own tendency to procrastinate) get in the way? There’s a wide assortment of different ways to get exercise into your daily routine, so play around with different methods until you find the perfect routine for you.

All of us tend to eat too much delicious, forbidden food over Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s OK! You will recover! Pick up the pieces, take a deep breath, and continue on with your weight loss plan. Remember, the New Year is a great time for recommitments. You can do this!

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