Weight Loss with a Feeding Tube

There are many weird weight loss techniques out there that border on being downright crazy but the newest one comes to us from the UK. The Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition (KEN) diet, this is where you put a tube in your nose that runs down to your stomach and are feed a solution that is high in protein and fat with no carbohydrates.

In the UK a patient is put on a feeding tube that give the solution in which they take in 130 calories for a ten day period. The doctor who prescribes to this treatment would have us believe that the 10-day regime forces the body to burn up so much fat that people lose up to
10 per cent of their weight. But I would suspect that if you were to go from a 1,500-2,000 calorie a day diet to a 130 calorie a day diet that there would almost certainly be some weight loss.

There are many dangers that can be associated with this weight loss technique, if the patient is doing it from home they would have to be very careful with the tube. It could become dislodged and the solution would end up filling the longs. The high protein solution as well as the starvation could lead to kidney problems.

There is a study that will soon be published from Italy with 19,000 participants that is to state how safe this diet plan is. While here in the United States there is a doctor in Houston who will begin this treatment but it will be 800 calories a day and over a thirty day period. While almost every form of weight loss comes with some risk, these quick, lose weight fast solutions almost always result in putting the weight back on. The first step in weight loss is making a lifestyle change, even if you choose to use one of these quick miracle solutions if you do not make the lifestyle change you will end up right back in the same situation.

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