When not to take Phentermine

Phentermine is one of the top diet pills on the market today but there are certain times when you should not be taking Phentermine. One of those times is when you are pregnant or are nursing. It is not known what happens to the fetus while taking Phentermine so it may be best to take it later. Also if you are nursing it is recommended not to take Phentermine as it contains small amounts of stimulants and this could possibly get into the milk. If you do take Phentermine while nursing there is the potential that your baby will sleep less and also have a lack of a play casino appetite. Also make sure to not take more that the proper dosage. Sign that you have taken to many include loss of breath, fast heartbeat, dizziness and confusion. It is also recommended that you don’t take Phentermine if you have existing problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Other than that you can take Phentermine to help lose weight. Also the best alternative to Phentermine is Phentramin-d which doesn’t need a prescription. It is a pharmaceutical grade diet pill that can be bought online to help you lose weight.

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