Will Phentermine make a fitter you?

Phentermine is the world’s most prescribed weight loss pill — and for good reasons. Since the 1970s, Phentermine has been proven to reduce the weight of users in as short as a couple of months.

However, the key word is ‘prescribed’. Since Phentermine is one of the drugs belonging to the amphetamine — think crystal meth — family, it also has similar side effects to amphetamines — side effects that are so risky one may well ask what’s the point for someone, whose weight already endangers one’s health, of taking a dangerous drug.

So, in short, Phentermine might make you fit your clothes when you were eighteen years old, but it won’t make you any fitter.

Still, Phentermine continues to be prescribed by doctors for those who are morbidly obese — people so fat it is literally killing them. Of course they do this with a doctor’s supervision. And it is not enough for them to take the pill alone — they should pair it with a healthy change in lifestyle: healthy food, enough sleep, proper exercise, healthy environment. Or else, any weight lost will only last for a few weeks.

Actually, any weight loss pill — and there are thousands of them — should be accompanied by a change to a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because weight loss pills are just to jump-start one’s weight loss, they will not address the root cause of morbid obesity — unhealthy eating and drinking and sleeping habits. Eating too much, drinking alcoholic drinks, addiction to soda and hamburgers and sweets, a job that causes one to lose sleep — a morbid lifestyle causes morbid obesity (or emaciation for some)

Is there a weight loss pill that works like Phentermine without the harmful side effects? Yes. Phentramin-D. It is a combination of two natural substances, geranamine (from geranium oil) and caffeine (from coffee). It causes weight loss in similar manner to Phentermine — lack of appetite, accelerated metabolism to help burn fat and give one extra energy boosts, euphoria and alertness. Side effects — sleeplessness and dryness of one’s mouth. So, if you do decide to try Phentramin-D, take it in the morning so you can still get some night’s sleep. And don’t forget to pair it with a healthy lifestyle.

Lesson: Weight loss pills cannot make a fitter you; they can only push you towards losing weight. It is you, not Phentermine, who can change your lifestyle to make a fitter you.

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