You gotta give it all

Taking weight-loss pills — like Phentramin-D™ — is not a lazy man’s way to a healthy body. Weight-loss pills are not effective without proper diet and exercise. One cannot take pills and then laze around and expect to lose weight effectively.

It is unfortunate that obese people are likened to lazy pigs — domestic pigs live basically in prisons — the fat and laziness could just be the result of too much food and nothing to do. In fact, human prisoners may be faring better — there is less incidence of obese people in prisons than the free-going population — perhaps because prisoners have no choice but to do manual labor, which is only an option for free people.

And so, comparing obese people to pigs is unfair — for pigs. Given freedom to roam, wild pigs gain bodies similar to wild boar — much leaner, healthier and more active than their domestic counterparts. The bodies of wild animals, in general, are beautiful because their lives are hard — or at least honed daily.

Rather, people wanting to gain beautiful bodies must refrain from a sedentary life and unhealthy living. Easier said than done. The growth of the service sector has created generations of office workers who sit all day. Motor vehicle drivers fare worse — they have the highest prevalence of obesity in all occupational groups. Being mobile means eating what’s available wherever and whenever you are hungry — mostly fast-food.

So, if your job involves a lot of sitting around and there’s no taking breaks from sitting, say, if you’re a truck driver, you might get fired if you take regular stops to stand and stretch — your job is pro-obesity and any effort to lose weight is an uphill battle. It takes heroic effort to win.

If you’re one of the luckier ones, whose job enables you to pick and choose healthy food and do cardiovascular exercises, there’s another challenge: your will and commitment to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Changing one’s habits is hard. Sticking to the changes is harder.

Changing from junk to healthy food is made more difficult because, in urban areas, healthy food is more expensive. Add to that the fact that urban areas are, in general, ‘obesogenic’ — tending to make one fat.

So taking weight-loss pills like Phentramin-D™ is pretty useless without the support of healthy food, proper exercise, enough sleep, an environment conducive to health and the determination and the will to stick to healthy living no matter what.

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